ian f. svenonius

For her contribution to the 2017 Biennial, Frances Stark painted eight spreads from Ian F. Svenonius’s 2015 book Censorship Now!!. In dialogue with Stark’s project, Svenonius presents a lecture on the concept of re-education this Friday.

[Frances Stark (b. 1967), Ian F. Svenonius’s Censorship Now for the 2017 Whitney Biennial, Spread 1 of 8 (Sincerely), 2017. Gesso, ink, oil, and acrylic on canvas, 79 × 104 in. (188 × 264.2 cm). Collection of the artist; courtesy Gavin Brown’s enterprise, New York]


Some screen caps from Chop Suey. Truth be told, though I knew about Ian Svenonius’ involvement back when I got the game, I’d forgotten about it over the years. (I mean, I hadn’t played the game or seen anything about it since, probably, ‘99?) But as I was playing it yesterday, two things stood out to me. Dooner–pictured in the third screen cap from the top–and the beatnik fireflies, pictured fifth from the top. Yesterday, I looked at Dooner and thought: “Oh wow, look at that retro sorta-mod hipster boy, he looks like he should be listening to The Make*Up or something.” (Side note: I totally had a vague sort-of crush on Dooner when I played the game at age 13-15, I remember thinking, god, I wanna meet a boy like that. Reader, I met many boys like that, and most of them were disappointing.) And then, as I clicked on the beatnik fireflies, I recognized the voice of the one who said crazy. I thought: “I am 99% certain that is none other than Ian F. Svenonius.” I remembered that Brendan Canty had done the music, and that Theresa Duncan had been part of the DC punk scene, so I thought it was certainly probable. And then, while watching the credits at the end of the game, I saw that Ian was the fucking illustrator! Like I said, I’d forgotten, and I laughed when I saw his name there. It’s kind of funny and awesome when I think about the fact that Ian S. and stuff he’s made or been part of making has been an important part of my life for well over two decades, now.

anonymous asked:

favorite books??

STOKED someone asked about books for once. Jeez louise…here is everything ive read from last year to this week and i recommend them all:

I Dreamed I was a very clean tramp
-Richard Hell

In youth is pleasure
-Denton Welch

Shock value
role models
car sick
-John Waters

The stranger
the adulterous woman
-Albert Camus

Ballad of the sad cafe
-Carson McCullers

Venus in furs
-Leopold Von Sachet-Masoch

A spy in the house of love
-Anaiis Nin

Brian Jones truth about the rolling stones
-Paul Trynka

Other rooms, other voices
-Truman Capote

Supernatural strategies for making a rock and roll group
-Ian F Svenonius (FASCINATING)

Nico - songs they never play on the radio
-James Young

The Wild Palms
-William Faulkner

The Subterraneans
-Jack Kerouac

I also read a great book of short stories by DH Lawrence and got into EE Cummings. For ages Nine Stories by JD Salinger was my favorite.



Invitation to a beheading, Lolita 

-vladimir nabokov 

This is how you lose her

-junot diaz