ian davis photography

A shot from one of my many days in San Francisco. Perhaps this shot has a lot of meaning to me because on this day a worker at the train station basically called me a terrorist for having a camera earlier that day. I found it quite disrespectful but I wouldn’t be allowed on the train unless I put my camera in my bag. The funny thing is that my camera has never been a problem at any other BART station before that moment or after. Perhaps that worker just felt like being an ass.

Photo from a shoot that I did with Urban Vintage. It was a fun, albeit slightly chaotic experience. It was set to be my first testing of the Cactus V4 flash triggers in the field. Sadly 2 of them broke on the field and with all the cell phones from everybody at the shoot, reliability became a problem. The solution? The Olympus RC flash system. Similar to that of the Nikon CLS, the flashes are triggered by the cameras pop-up flash. While the system can be useful, I prefer to use triggers. Anyways, I set the camera and flash to the RC manual mode and dialed in around 1/5 or 1/6 power. The flash is going into a 60’’ bounce umbrella camera left. This is personally my favorite shot from that day.

Welcome to 2012. The end of the world for some, a new beginning for others. I spent New Years Eve at a dog park/walking trail getting photos of the scenery and the sunset, which I thought was absolutely beautiful. Big changes are happening in 2012! I recently moved into a studio and will now be offering studio portraiture sessions starting this month. I look forward to shooting your portrait in 2012!