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Attack on Sophie Lancaster and Robert Maltby, August 2007

In the early hours of 11 August, Sophie Lancaster and Robert Maltby were attacked by a number of teenage boys, while walking through a park in Lancashire. 

Robert was knocked unconscious, and Sophie was kicked, stomped on, jumped on, and viciously beaten. After the attack, Police said that they were both beaten so badly that they could not tell the genders of the victims. Both Sophie and Robert were hospitalised as a result of the attack. Robert’s injuries left him in a coma with bleeding on the brain, which he gradually recovered from, but was left with lasting brain damage. Sophie’s injuries were much worse, however, and was in a coma indefinitely. Her family switched off her life support on 24 August, after doctors confirmed that she would never regain consciousness. 

5 teenage boys were arrested in connection with the attack, but only 2 were charged with murder. Brendan Harris and Ryan Herbert were sentenced to life imprisonment, for the murder of Sophie Lancaster. The other 3 boys were sentenced to several years jail time, for grievous bodily harm with intent.

Canon is shit, so have some AUs (Pt. 2)

The second part of my collection of Ian x Mickey AUs. Read them, love them, and give thanks to the fic writers for blessing us with these treasures.

Make it Alone, or Keep a Straight Face by tinydancer
Mickey’s a sarcastic, cynical piece of shit and he knows it. The last thing he wants to do is go out searching for his perfect match like so many with his little unique ability end up doing. Apparently, anything red and above 85 is considered soul mate material. Mickey had laughed out loud when he read that one. (soulmates AU)

My Stars by CallieB
Something’s gone wrong with the world, and the stars are going out. Mickey doesn’t know why, and frankly he doesn’t give a shit; his life has never felt more empty, more worthless. He can’t shake the feeling that there’s something missing - a life he was supposed to have led, someone he was meant to have met, voices in his head saying things that never happened… And then Lip freaking Gallagher is in front of him, telling him that it’s his fault the stars are disappearing. He was supposed to be with Lip’s little brother, but he did it wrong - and now he has to go back in time and change the past to the way it was meant to be.

Noisy Neighbours by brazenlyunabashedlyshamelessly
Twist on the ‘Could you please move your bed a little further from the wall, I’m trying to work’ AU.
“After going through one cup, and making it halfway through a second, Mickey decided that this was bullshit. He lived here, too; he paid his goddamn rent on time. There was no reason why he had to listen to his douche face neighbour fuck some chick so hard Mickey’s walls shook.”

Of Burgers and Briefcases by horror_business
Keep in mind that Ian doesn’t get flustered easily, he’s a lawyer for god sake he has to be confident and strong willed, but this guy gave him butterflies in his stomach immediately. Pale, dark hair, piercing artic blue eyes and scowl painted firmly across his face. He was intimidating and fucking gorgeous in all the right ways and Ian couldn’t fucking concentrate. What was he ordering? What the fuck is he doing with his hands? What do people do with their hands?! Is he staring? He’s staring.
Or the one where Mickey owns a food truck and Ian is a love struck idiot.

Pleasantly Caving by wehangout
“I don’t want them to know yet,“ you tell him. "I want … I want this, you and me, to stay ours for a while longer.” (domestic fluffy AU)

Ransom by BeckyHarvey29
Frank Gallagher owes Terry Milkovich a shit ton of money. Terry sends his sons to kidnap Frank’s son for ransom.
Mickey meets Ian and nothing goes according to plan.

Restoration by pink_ink
Old house, new love. Construction workers Ian and Mickey meet on a home restoration job.

Saltimbocca Saturday’s by horror_business
Bella Sorna was a new up and coming Italian restaurant in the North Side of Chicago. They had been in business for two years now and their notoriety kept going up and up. Ian has been a server for three months and he enjoys it, mostly. One thing he doesn’t enjoy about working here was the irritable executive chef, Mickey Milkovich, who always seems to fuck up Ian’s dishes.

Shine by Loftec
You’ve been dead for a good long while, that’s for sure. You don’t remember how or when, but you can’t even move without being reminded that, even without the specifics, dead is undoubtedly what you are.
The first time you save someone, it’s by accident.

Slick back My Hair (You know the Devil’s in There) by wehangout
Hit-men AU where Ian and Mickey make a great team and are maybe totally a little bit hot for each other. After Ian gets shot Mickey is forced to confront his feelings for his partner in crime, and deal with the fact that someone out there is trying to kill Ian, the one person he’ll do anything to protect.

South Side’s Bonnie & Clyde by badtothebinding
An Ian/Mickey Bonnie & Clyde AU fic inspired by their honey trap in episode 4x09.
Ian and Mickey have been terrorizing the North Side, luring creepy douche bags into back alleys and helping themselves to their cash. But how long can they keep it up before running into trouble?

tell me we weren’t just friends by daggertattoos
prompt fill: dude we’re bros and stuff but honestly i don’t think i can look at you changing in the locker rooms anymore man i don’t want to be your bro no more (high school AU)

Test Run by the_rat_wins
The daughter of the Atraxen system’s richest glitterstim merchant has been kidnapped. The Jedi Council’s newest knight has taken it upon himself to rescue her, unaware that a dangerous bounty hunter is already on her trail.
(Star Wars AU; Ian is a new Jedi struggling to find mental and emotional balance through the Force, and bounty hunter Mickey just wants to finish the job and collect his reward. Until he doesn’t.)

The Hills; 1914 by inanatticinnovember
Mikhail, a lonely Ukrainian fisherman come to Northern Ireland, is in love with the sea. If he’s going to be honest, it’s probably the only thing he thinks he’ll ever really love. And then he comes across a day dreamy wistful Irish farm boy named Ian who won’t shut up and won’t stop moving and Mikhail finds himself carelessly running after him, unable to slow down, unable to stop falling for his eyes like green hills. And maybe he gets a little too caught up. But for a summer, everything is fine and nothing hurts.

The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Ian Gallagher by Shamelessquestions
"It’s fuck all about heat or chemistry or any such shit, Gallagher. You and me… it’s just a thing that cannot happen. The sooner we both accept that, the better off we’ll be.” (mobster AU)

The Sum of All Its Factors by missmichellebelle
“Can someone use surly in a sentence?”
“Is it true that you’re dating the surly Mr. Milkovich?”
Well, at least she used the vocab word, Ian can’t help but think. (high school teacher AU)

The Wedding Planner by BeckyHarvey29
Wherein Ian is getting married, and Mickey pretends to be a wedding planner.

To Let Go by anomalously
Being Rabid meant you were weak. It got you caught, got you killed because you couldn’t control yourself. You had to surrender to gain control, part of the give and take nature of the beast. For Mickey, it was one serious bitch to try to conquer… his body just wouldn’t give in. (werewolf!Mickey/Milkoviches; witch!Ian/Gallaghers)

Touched by Avalonia
Ian Gallagher is just another drone in a call center full of them, with nothing to his name but a slow computer that hates his guts, a head full of voices that may or may not be real, and an unshakable reputation as a headcase. Funny how Mickey Milkovich, the grumpy guy from IT, doesn’t seem to care about any of that.
An (a)typical office romance with a bit of a twist.

Trust me by Loftec
Mr Milkovich is a certified weirdo, but he also happens to be a certified accountant and not half bad at his job, considering his relatively low rates. So Ian guesses he can live with the weird midnight meetings and the abrasive correspondence. The good looks is a considerable bonus.
And the pointy teeth turn out to be less of a problem than one would imagine.

Two Can’t Keep a Secret by BeckyHarvey29
Ian and Mickey are secretly fooling around. Mandy wants to set Mickey up with someone. Ian doesn’t like that. (secret lovers AU)

Under Hill, Under Sky by the_rat_wins
Exiled from his father’s court of goblins and monsters, Mickey lives alone in the woods, until he stumbles upon Ian, an injured knight belonging to the Seelie Court (the bright immortals who are his father’s worst enemies).

With Rough, Unsteady Lines by missmichellebelle
Mickey draws skulls, and dragons, and one time he drew a pretty sweet gun, but it’s just something he does because he’s bored. It’s not like he enjoys it, or whatever. (artist!Mickey AU)

Wrap Me Up In a Bolt of Lightning by enc0432
World War II AU where Ian and Mickey meet at Camp Taccoma, training to be paratroopers. I’m borrowing pretty heavily from Band of Brothers which is why the boys are in Easy Company. I could not get the idea out of my head of Mickey being a combat medic.

You will always fall in love, and it will always be like having your throat cut, just that fast by anythingbutgrief
They used to have magic. Their family did, anyway, long ago, way before their mother and her family had come to this country, before the Yugoslav wars, before the state had existed to begin with. It was stronger before the Empire had fallen, before the first war, his great-grandmother used to murmur when he was little, rubbing her paper-dry hands together like she could conjure her lost magic back through the heat of friction, her wrinkled face bunched into a permanent scowl. Mickey was tiny then, couldn’t have been older than four or five, but he remembered wondering even then why Terry only glared at her from across the room instead of screaming at her to shut the fuck up, like he would have done if it had been Mickey’s mom doing the talking. (soulmates AU)