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-Frank blazes up almost an entire pound of meth and then miraculously becomes sober

-Carl is literally a fetus rotc Ian and I’m living for it

-V and Svetlana pound each other’s faces in

-Lip’s an asshole trying to get Charlie to relapse so he can slip back in with Sierra (dickmove bro ngl)

-Ian gets a pair of tits permanently inked into his skin (it’s gonna be hell trying to explain that to people lol)

-Frank’s actually acting like a normal fucking human (this bitch got a job and everything ffs)

-Lip gets bit by Sierra’s baby daddy’s dog trying to get rid of drugs

-A crack addict ‘uncle’(?) is after them for stealing his meth

-Liam’s socializing and making friends (yass)

-Franny is adorable as fuck

-Lip’s sober and speedracing to work (he’s gonna have some ripped ass legs by the end of the season ngl)

-Carl almost gets drowned to death by a crack addict

-Ian still hasn’t made any effort to see Yevgeny (this alone is enough to piss me off for life)

-They dig up Monica’s body to get to the 2lbs of meth (Jesus fuck and y'all thought the whole aunt ginger thing was insane)

-Liam is gonna be a sassqueen and im so prepared lol

-Kev has a cancer scare and the fam surprises him with titty pancakes

-Ian’s still going after Trevor’s bitch ass (cmon bitch be single ffs)

-oh yeah,,,and Sean’s back???

-Debbie’s bar hopping at like 16??? 17??

-Ian misses Monica (i didn’t realize how emotional that was gonna make me)

-Some creepo wants a lock of Debbie’s hair (😷)

-Lip’s eyeing a tattooed biker girl at work (i really don’t know what to think of this)

-Debbie’s sticking her child in a pet carrier for whatever reason

-Ian gets held at gunpoint (jfc)

-Liam seems to have an interesting fascination with death possibly?

-Debbie doesn’t bother to pick Neil up from off the floor smh

-Nobody can seem to call that 'escaped convict ex’ by his actual name (he has a name and it is mickey fucking milkovich #getitright)

-Fiona’s tenants are a bunch of asshole-ish cunts (except nessa she aight)

-Svetlana’s detained by immigration and might possibly be deported

-Ian’s weird ass ex boyfriend talks him into hooking up with complete strangers. cmon 'The person Ian should’ve never hooked up with’ (new name for Trevor? lmaooo) we don’t need a repeat of the shit that went down in s4 and 5

-Yevgeny is as cute as ever tbfh(if only Mickey could see him *cries*)

-Putin’s Paradise??? No words??

-oh yeah and Mickey’s still chilling in Mexico (hopefully sitting oceanside sippin on margaritas and getting a tan, he deserves it)

-and I’m clearly still bitter about 7x11

And that’s what you missed on Shameless

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Tree bros as parents???

To be honest I think it would take a long time for them to be comfortable taking care of children. Early thirties or late (late) twenties.
But here are headcanons anyways with a child I created for them (idk)

Childhood years
• They move back to their home town
• Ian is a small boy that came from an abusive household but was taken away and adopted by the Hansen-Murphy family
• Blue eyes and really dark wavy hair
• Connor is fucking terrified at first because they adopted a child
• Connor questions his ability to parent
• Connor is Dad
• Evan is Pop (just roll with it)
• Ian warms up to them over time
• Movie night every other Saturday with Grandma Hansen!
• Grandpa and grandma Murphy take care of Ian on date nights
• Evan climbs some trees with him
• Ian takes a liking to music and boy howdy he sings like an angel
• They all sing in the car on road trips
• Kindergarten is rough for Ian (he’s much more mature than other children his age)
• Gets teased for having two dads and gets frustrated with his parents
• Cuddle session when he’s feeling upset
• Connor is actually the one that steps up to the plate to volunteer for school things
• Bake sale by Connor Hansen-Murphy staring cupcakes, cookies, and brownies
• Evan helps with Science and Math homework
• Connor helps with English and History homework
• Parents conferences are always rough
• Ian is a struggling student throughout elementary school
• Junior high comes around and he fails three classes the first year
• Connor communicates with Ian’s teachers and he’s diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety
• BOTH of them try really hard to get him the help he needs
• “Hey, Ian, I know I’m just your dad and I can’t really help, but can I try?”
“Go away dad.”
“Don’t make me get Pop.”
“I don’t call him that anymore.”
“Dad, I…what’s wrong with me?”
• Long talk in his bedroom about mental illness
• Ian learns his dad has mood stabilizers
• Ian wants to go into theater but doesn’t want a bad reaction from Evan or Connor
• “Uh Pop?”
“Oh hey Ian, what’s up, kid.”
“Would you a Dad care if I wanted to do theater?”
• Connor almost cried because he wanted to do theater as a kid but his dad drew the line
• Connor still knows how to tap and teaches Ian the basics before sending him to classes
• Ian’s angel voice is freaking amazing and he does vocal and acting lessons with help from the Murphy’s paycheck
• Evan and Connor simply can’t afford all three but Connor’s parents step in (a little guilty about stopping their son)
• They attend the school musical
• Evan cries a bit
• Connor is bawling he’s so proud

Adolescent years
• Evan helps during high school years as anxiety helper
• Ian learns a bunch of techniques on breathing and how to handle panic attacks
• Dear god the boy is talented in theater
• Ian earns a reputation in the theater community
• Kids are still a little awkward about him having two dads but he couldn’t care less now
• He decides to lay off the dating until college but still gets crushes on people
• People jab at his very vague sexuality and Evan is there as the Bisexual Dad™
• His anxiety gets worse off stage and Ian starts taking medication which starts a spiral of self hatred
• He hits a low point and does self harm on his left wrist
• Connor sees it and gets angry at first and they have a quick fight
• Ian is in his room freaking out when Connor comes in
• “I’m sorry I yelled at you, I just…I used to do that.”
“I have scars, Ian, and they’re a constant reminder of the worst times in my life.”
“Dad I don’t want to be alive anymore, you don’t understand.”
“I’m sorry dad.”
“I do understand. I think you should know something.”
• Ian hears about his Dad’s attempt in senior year of high school and sophomore year of college
• Evan comes home to a crying son and worn out husband
• Evan helps book the therapy appointment telling Ian it’s not scary and it’s helpful
• Things get a bit better after Ian starts going to therapy
• Very successful in theater for years to come and graduates with a scholarship to NYU
• Graduation is hard for Evan and Connor
• Ian promises to FaceTime and call as often as possible
• You can bet they FaceTime every Saturday night and call three times a week

Welp there you go I got really into it.

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First of all - aria was in radley not Iceland, that’s what’s in the folder. She’s gonna team up with AD because she’s being blackmailed. That’s why Eddie lamb recognized her. She’s gonna betray the girls.

Second - it’s not alison, I’m throwing out my previous theory because alison and Hanna are friends now so alison would never do that to her. Unless it would’ve helped? Honestly I doubt it… AD isn’t alison

Third - Paige, Aria, Ezra(honey he ain’t in ny), Lucas, Wren, and maybe Mona and Caleb are helping AD, one of them is AD, maybe Lucas, maybe Paige. Maybe Bethany young. Idk. I think it’s a girl because Ian Harding let that slip once so we can throw out Lucas and as much as I wish it, it’s not Ezra.


summary: you and shawn’s friends get mobbed when you go out for some food

“Hey, rockstar, you want anything from the shop down the block?” You asked, walking up to Shawn.

He looked up from where he was sitting on the dressing room floor, scribbling down some lyrics. The meet and greet was set to start in about an hour and half, but Shawn was struck with some good melodies and wanted them down before he forgot.

“Um, not particularly, but if you see something I like, you can get it. I’ll pay you back.”

“Don’t worry about it, babe.”

“Are you going alone?” Shawn asked, biting his lip. “There are a lot of fans outside, and I don’t want you to-”

Matt clapped Shawn on the shoulder, and smiled at him. “Don’t worry about it, bro. Brian, Ian, and I are going, too.”

“Alright.” Shawn nodded, and you bent over to kiss his forehead before the four of you headed out of the venue, making sure you all had the all-access passes to get back inside.

Laughing at Ian, you jumped when someone tapped on your arm. “You’re dating Shawn Mendes, right?” She asked, popping her gum.

“Um, yeah.” You nodded, cautious.

“You two are so cute together! Do you mind if we take a selfie?” She asked, smiling brightly.

“Oh, sure!” You nodded, smiling into the girl’s camera. You made eye contact with Brian, who was standing back far enough that his head was between your’s and the girl’s, causing you to let out a snort.

“Thank you!” The girl skipped off, and you rolled your eyes at the redheaded boy.

The four of you ordered your food, and Matt was paying for his, when you felt your phone go off. You looked down, a text from Shawn. Hey, some girl tweeted out where you and guys are, just be careful getting back. Love you.

“Hey, the fans know where we are, so like, maybe we should head back a different way?” You looked at the guys, who all exchanged looks.

“I mean, if we head back now, we shouldn’t get too many girls coming up to us, right?” Ian asked, pocketing his phone.

Boy was he wrong. Girls had already begun to crowd the sidewalks, not nearly as many as when Shawn would be out, too, but there were many more girls than you were used to. “Guys, c’mon, just let us though.” Matt said, leading the way to the venue.

You kept a solid stare on his back, not really talking to anyone.

“Come on! We just want a photo! Please! We drove four hours for this show!”

“Y/N! Y/N! Can you give this to Shawn!?”

Things were thrusted towards you, and hands gripped your arms. You felt like everything was getting closer and closer together, like the fans wanted to be as close to you as possible.

“Hey, guys, back up!” Ian gently tugged the girls away from you.

All three boys knew you didn’t really do too well in crowds like this, so they were trying to keep everything calm and get back to the venue.

“Stop being such a bitch and take photos with us!”

“Hey!” Brian yelled, not caring if he seemed rude. “Shut the fuck up. You’re already invading our personal space, don’t fucking demand things like that.”

You were thankful for him, but you just wanted to get inside.

Finally, you four made it inside, where Shawn was waiting just behind the doors. You nearly collapsed into him, since you were out of the public eye and able to breakdown. “Hey, hey, it’s ok. You’re ok, it’s fine, shh.” Shawn rubbed your back, sitting on the floor with you in his lap.

He nodded to his friends, letting them know he could take it from here, and gently rocked you. “It’s ok, it’s over.”

After a few minutes, your cries lessened to the occasional sniffle and whimper, and your breathing had more or lesser evened out. “I’m sorry,” You looked at his shirt, which was now spotted with mascara.

“You have nothing to apologize for, honey.” Shawn whispered, tucking some hair behind your ear.

“It’s just- they got so close. And they kept asking for photos. And touching me, trying to get closer.” You felt your heart speed up, and Shawn shushed you, pressing a kiss to your temple.

“I know, hun. But you’re ok, you’re safe now, I got you.” He stood up, and helped you up after. “C’mon, why don’t you go freshen up, hmm?”

You nodded, and walked into the bathroom, and Shawn walked into the dressing room. “What the fuck happened?”

None of the boys had touched their food; they were all sitting on the couch, just looking at the cherry-colored table. “Is she ok?”

“Yeah, she’s gonna be fine. What happened?” Shawn repeated, sitting on the arm of the black leather couch.

“Um,” Matt sat back, looking at his friend. “We met some fan inside the café, and I guess she tweeted out where she met us. Didn’t expect that many girls to show up.”

Shawn hummed, pursing his lips. “Fuckin’ disrespectful.” He mumbled, texting someone. “Um,” He looked up, furrowing his brows when he saw you walk in. “You feelin’ better?”

“Yeah.” You nodded, voice weak. “Thanks for like, protecting me.” You smiled at Shawn’s friends, who all shrugged like it was nothing.

“Gotta protect the girl who makes him happy.” Ian jabbed a thumb at Shawn, who chortled.

The five of you ended up just joking with each other for the rest of the hour, wanting to get your mind off of small mob that had surrounded you earlier.

a/n: i’m not happy w this, but i restarted it three times so

Tree Bros: A Family

Fandom: Dear Evan Hansen Family AU created by @astro-princey

Characters: Evan Hansen-Murphy, Connor Hansen-Murphy, Ian Hansen-Murphy(he’s cannon now shut up) 

Rating: T(there are mentions of self harm, therapy, and medication)


Huge thanks to Princey for letting me write something for this amazing au, I’d suggest you check out this post before reading as it has all the details of the au. I hope this little story does this amazingly well thought out au justice!

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