ian bros


Yeah, so this happened…

williamanderly  asked:

tell me something about season 2...

oh man, like what?

like mickey sneaking into the gallagher pool at night after ian invites him? just letting go for a night and having fun with ian, splashing each other and blushing when they see the other stare at them? mickey giving ian a trail of bruised hickeys down his throat? ian kissing mickey’s cheek and mickey not bringing himself to care? how about how happy mickey looks: his hair wet and pushed back, a permanent grin, his skin tanned a bit from the summer heat?

or like ian and mickey becoming best friends as well as boyfriends by working together at kash and grab? teasing each other and sneaking to the back constantly to fuck? giving each other wet blowjobs, face to face fucks that are nearly intimate? what about mickey always listening when ian needs to rant about lip and west point, pretending he doesn’t care but even if he doesn’t, ian feels comforted just knowing that mickey is there?

or maybe like ian starting to understand more about how the milkovich house of horror works? how mickey comes into work with a limp sometimes, or how sometimes when ian takes mickey’s shirt off, there are dark bruises littering his ribs, and mickey genuinely believes that it’s no big deal? or how once in awhile, ian will get a text late at night from mickey asking to meet up, and he and mickey will stay at the dugouts getting high until morning, until mickey feels safe from terry’s drunk bender at home?

do you mean like ian and mickey spending time together as best friends AND boyfriends? having crushes on each other? being the best things in each other’s lives? is that what you mean???

there are people that have never heard the ever after fairytale?? people who don’t know what ramsay fiction is?? people who have never heard the story of the tiny horse??? people that haven’t seen the legacy dvd??? there are people that aren’t marianas trash???

they are the lucky ones. they don’t know the emotional turmoil that comes from those 4 idiots.