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Nerve (this movie is so good the sound track the lighting the storyline ugh) jyrus au, Cyrus -Vee Jonah -Ian/Sam Marty -Ty Andi -Sydney Buffy -Tommy(w/o the crush obvi) Amber -Liv (I REALLY WANT BEX TO BE HACKER KWEEN OR DIRTBEARD BUT IDK YOU DECIDE)

I’m gonna have to rewatch it but that sounds cool !

TO 2015 !! 

Happy New Year everyone ! I wish you all joy and love, and don’t worry, 2015 will be pretty awesome, Marty McFly told me so !

I’m so happy and excited, you have no idea, 2015, FINALLY !!! ♥ It’s the FUTURE, guys !! I’m going to enjoy every day so much !! I’ve been waiting for this year since, like, 27 years XD (Yes I was born a Back to the Future fangirl.)

Sooo to celebrate this new year, I drew this, to say ‘THANK YOU’ and 'I FREAKING LOVE YOU’ to two things that make me very happy : Back to the Future, and Smosh

See, even if you can’t skateboard YOU CAN STILL HOVERBOARD.