ian damon's room and me = dead

When Kai’s head flew across the room I was in shock. I wasn’t capable of doing anything, not even breathing.

The rest of the episode I was like “He’s not dead, he’s coming back. He has a plan B, he always does. He’s the mega powerful gemini coven leader, he’s not dead. He will be right back.”

I kept saying this until this shit came up:

After that I started uncontrollably crying. 

Anyone else with me? 

28 Thoughts on 7x08

If you haven’t guessed yet, I write these thoughts in real time ;) Here we go.

1. These flashforwards are not intriguing or suspenseful. The fact that Lily set a trap for Stefan but got Damon instead means absolutely nothing to me.

2. I think it’s absolutely hilarious that Enzo is in on Damon and Stefan’s plan and Caroline is … where? AND VALERIE IS THERE TOO.

3. What is WITH the show and making pancakes for breakfast now? Could it not have just been left at a Bamon thing?

4. Oh look mute Beau and his subtle facial expressions. I can’t even.

5. Julian is Klaus, I don’t care what anyone says. His demeanour is EXACTLY like Klaus’.

6. LOL at Matt asking Caroline if she wants to “cut class today” Julie, give it up. We done know that these people do not actually go to college. They would all be on academic probation by now. Stop trying to slip in some logical detail because it’s illogical to do so since it doesn’t belong in the illogical world you’ve created.

7. Matt knows Caroline is pregnant before Stefan does. Excellent.

8. Caroline is WAY too calm about being pregnant with twins who aren’t hers. “On the one hand I know how much this means to Alaric bu on the other hand, I have no idea what it means for m” ARE YOU SERIOUS? You can make her freak out and cry and go into hysterics, you can make her go through a myriad of emotions, she just found out she was pregnant through no will of her own! LIKE COME ON.

9. Oh yes let’s have Enzo stalk Lily but have him become Bonnie’s love interest for absolutely no reason at all. Also where is Bonnie? We’ve seen Stefan and Damon and Matt and Caroline and Enzo and Lily and Julian and Mary-Louise and Beau and Nora but NO BONNIE?

10. Remember when TVD had good music that went with scenes? What the fuck happened?

11. I don’t even understand why Enzo would have romantic feelings for Lily, they clearly have a maternal-son relationship. Like stop it.

12. I don’t care for Enzo at all but he looks at Lily with longing and with yearning and every time he’s looked at Bonnie (in previous episodes because SHE ISN’T HERE) it’s been with … mild curiosity and smug disinterest.

13. Teehee Stefan looks hella hot in his grey sweater and jeans. *sigh* It wouldn’t be one of my posts if I didn’t take a second to appreciate the chiselled handsomeness that is Paul Wesley.

14. When he opens the door and says “Oh, hi” to Caroline, I thought it was cute because of the way he smiled at her but it was awkward because i feels as if Caroline is not his girlfriend (despite the many times they make each character say “boyfriend” and “girlfriend”) because there’s distance there and she seems like a stranger or a crush or like they haven’t had sex and turned off their humanity together and gone through comforting each other through the death of two loved ones (Liz and Elena — even though Elena isn’t dead). Basically, it’s awkward.

15. Yeah, I am not a Damon fan or an Ian Somerhalder fan (like at all) but I give credit when credit is due and Damon looked pretty good in that red (maroon?) shirt. But Damon calling Caroline “Stefan’s distraction machine” makes me -_- for two reasons. The first being, is no one going to talk about the way Damon objectifies women? Especially Caroline who he raped (YES HE RAPED HER) 2. But when has Caroline ever distracted Stefan? They are never in the same room together. We barely see them talk. They’re keeping each other out of one another’s lives. So … what? 

16. I don’t know why Caroline needed Valerie to come to her rescue, why couldn’t Caroline have just told Stefan she needed to talk to him alone?

17. So I know there’s supposed to be a phone call this episode in which Stefan makes up for how badly he reacted to the news that Caroline is pregnant but I’m sorry, this scene where he finds out … this is not Stefan. Even if Stefan is shocked and processing and terrified and resentful or whatever else about what’s happening, his first instinct would be to ask his girlfriend if she’s OK because that’s STEFAN. He always puts other’s feelings before his own. And even if he did have to go, he would be like “I have to go” *stares at her intently* and maybe an awkward kiss on the forehead as he gets up to go, like the scene CAN be awkward and affectionate at the sam time because that would be how Stefan would react! He and Caroline weren’t even touching in this scene, they do not come across as a couple!

18. See, they’re doing a good job showing the relationship between Julian and Nora/Mary-Louise so I can see why it would be hard for THOSE TWO to betray him (if it comes to that) but Julian and Lily are ridiculous.

19. Oh! Another shot of Beau. NOT SPEAKING. And staring at Julian and Lily because he has NO OTHER LIFE. I feel like they’re showing Beau as much as they are because Bonnie is clearly not in this episode and they want to fill some sort of diversity quota. Yeah, I said it. Because TVD and The CW is hella. anti-black.

20. Damon and Lily’s talk about how he got over how he abandoned her and how he’d leave her in he prison world to rot is pretty much exactly like his conversation/dynamic with Katherine. Like I’m bored.

21. Drunk Enzo spiralling because of Lily is like drunk Damon spiralling because of Katherine AND Elena.

22. Matt to Enzo “Damon didn’t want you, Lily didn’t want you, this town never wanted you, so why are you still here?” WAY TO SHOVE IT DOWN OUR THROATS THAT ENZO AND BONNIE WILL ONLY EVER GET TOGETHER BECAUSE SHE IS HIS LAST RESORT.  I don’t know how Bonenzo fans can constantly defend this ship. It’s such a disrespectful dynamic for Bonnie. WHO ISN’T EVEN IN THIS DAMN EPISODE.

23. This is, like, the second time Enzo has been captured by “mystery commando” dudes. Also considering how much shit Matt takes, hearing how he’s useless and ineffectual … HOW HAS HE NOT SNAPPED? Enzo is standing there telling him how much he sucks and Matt has a gun in his hand. Even if the gun wouldn’t kill him, it would be interesting if you saw Matt snap and just empty his clip into Enzo’s chest because he’s tired of being ridiculed. Like give Matt some bite. Make him prove the others wrong. But JP and CD only seem to want characters to prove other characters wrong when it’s stuff like “he’s a monster with no redemption!” oh look he does redeeming things. BORING.

24. It is unbelievable how quickly everyone believes Valerie’s story. So. Unbelievable. One story and everyone is like Oh shit, Julian is a monster. That’s IT? Then Valerie could’ve done this AGES AGO.

25. I know they’re trying to forge a bond between Stefan and Lily by making her give him “motherly” advice but the shit she’s telling him to do “Tell her you love her, never forget what it must feel like for her” or whatever else, STEFAN WOULD KNOW THIS NATURALLY. That is why Stefan was an amazing boyfriend. THIS IS RIDICULOUS. He would’ve never had to have this conversation to be there for Elena. Or even Katherine.

26. So that phone call happened. I mean, it was aight. I just feel like Stefan would’ve said that the moment he found out about the twins so I just keep thinking, Do better, writers.

27. I so do not care that Lily stabbed herself and that she ends up coming back three years later or the twist that the werewolf venom tricks Damon into think it’s his mother when it’s mystery gun woman who wants Stefan.

28. Wow, this episode was just bad. Like so bad.