Nobody put's Baby in a corner

Chapter 1

“I got it Sammy,” Dean said, followed by an annoyed sigh. They had been stuck in Pleasantview, Iowa for three days now, trying to figure out the latest killings and nothing. Not a single clue as to why men and women were just dropping dead. There was no connection between the four murders, at least from what the brothers had dug up.

Dean was getting restless. He wanted to just get out of the small town that barely had anything. He felt as if he constantly needed to be on the road, like if he stayed too long it would be weird for him, but this case had been proven to be tedious to the brothers.

“I’m headed there now,” Dean growled and shut the phone off as he walked out of the library, book in had. He headed to his car when he saw a woman standing in front of him. He eyed the woman suspiciously.

Despite the sinister look on her, she was incredibly beautiful. Tall in stature, fiery red hair, pale, with blue eyes and freckles artfully splayed on her cheeks. She stood with her arms crossed as she looked directly at him. Dean slowed his pace, his hands itching for his gun.

“Dean Winchester?” the woman asked, her voice serene and melodic.

“Who’s asking?” he gruffly said, taking weary steps closer to her.

The woman shrugged. “No one,” she smiled sweetly. “You have a beautiful car,” she mumbled touching it. “You should enjoy her,” the women said mysteriously, before mumbling something under her breath that Dean couldn’t hear.

He watched her, looking for something to say, but when he blinked she disappeared. Dean searched everywhere but it was as if she vanished into thin air. Nothing, not a single trace of the woman he had just been speaking to. Growling, Dean flipped his cellphone and quickly called his brother. 


Tossing and turning, Dean woke with a startle. His breathing was labored as he tried to make sense of his dream. One minute he was riding his car and the next his baby hand turned into a beautiful brunette clad in a leather jacket, plain white t-shirt that dipped low enough to tease, and dark jeans, paired with black high-heeled leather boots, smiling at him flirtatiously.

He felt as if his dream came out of one the Supernatural fan base, Chuck’s books managed to oddly attract. On occasion, he had sifted through what they would call “fanfiction” wondering what people manage to think up in their heads. More often than not, they were disturbing to him. Wincest, scaring him the most, but he had found a solid collection of his baby turning into a beautiful and busty woman who seemed to be madly in love with him.

Dean didn’t know why he did it, but he got up, slipping on his jeans and a t-shirt, he slowly crept outside. Dean laughed and shook his head, he must be going crazy, like it would be possible for his baby to turn into some kind of beautiful woman. There was no way, but he wasn’t about to shake off the coincidence of meeting the redheaded woman, and his dream about Baby only a couple hours later.

Turning the corner, unable to see the front of the Impala, Dean quickly ran over to where he had parked it and stopped dead in his tracks. Instead of his car was a figure that stood right where he had parked his baby and instead of a beautiful brunette it was a dark haired man clad in a leather jacket, dark blue jeans and biker boots. A smirk was plastered on his face as his blue eyes shone, reminding him of his Baby’s LED lights. 

“Hello Dean, it’s me Baby.”

Baby Got Back (Bite that Pretty Little Bullet, Winchester)

Set after Season 7, Episode 17

Dean and Sam leave the mental hospital with Cas in their wake, and Dean contemplates how he really feels about leaving Cas behind. After a while on the road, Dean notices that they’re being followed. Both Winchesters and pursuer pull into a motel lot, and a showdown between themselves and their oldest friend will be one that Dean will never, ever, nope, never ever ever forget.

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Even though it’s something I can totally get behind, every time I see anything Ian!pala, I laugh, and laugh, and laugh. Fandom you are wonderful in your choice for human!Impala. Though half the time I still picture the Impala as a beautiful black woman, but then Ian Somerhalder, mmmm.

And then I end up wanting Good Omens Human!Bentley/Ian!pala. Why hasn’t this happened yet? Seriously?