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"Darling, you look like you've seen a ghost."


     ﹙ ✦ ﹚   She turned, bloody and frantic. There he was, and for a moment, she truly believed she was dead. Her husband, before her. Babylon rushed to him with her face buried in his neck and sobbing. “You fucking idiot!” she managed, “You absolute fucking idiot!” She was glad he was alive – of course she was. She was angry that he’d done something so dumb, though. But that didn’t stop her from clinging to Crowley like her life depended on it.

I am in absolute shock that this account now has over 1,000 followers. How did that happen? I AM ABSOLUTE TRASH. I DO NOT DESERVE SUCH KINDNESS. When I first joined the indie world, I had about four muses from Shameless (US). LOOK AT ME NOW. This blog would never have developed as much as it has without the help of ALL MY WONDERFUL FRIENDS AND WRITERS, so. Without further ado have a much-needed, full of cheese follow forever.

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I literally have had this blog for two months? I’m kind of in shock every day I come onto this blog and I appreciate all of the love and all of the threads. You guys are so good to me and I’m so happy with this blog and it means so much. I really have no words for the last two months of love and everything in between. I feel so welcomed in this fandom and I really needed this. Thank you for everything. Here’s to a new year and one I hope is very bright and much better than this last one. I hope for new threads, and new beginnings. Doors closing and doors opening. May whoever reading this to have a wonderful year and thank you for being apart of the last two months, making them pretty great.
( if I forgot someone, I’m so sorry! )

love – lexi, negan, & lucille. x

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WOW? I can’t believe there’s over 800 + PEOPLE following this piece of trash blog! When I first joined indie, I didn’t think I would even get eight followers. I’m not sure what I’ve done to deserve this, but please let me make it clear that is an ABSOLUTE HONOUR to have all these WONDERFUL PEOPLE here with me. You’re the reason I keep writing! I’m going to be posting a GIVEAWAY later to celebrate, but in the meantime, have a list of BRILLIANT BLOGS that BRIGHTEN UP MY DASH with each post. 


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         Okay, as some of you know, today LAST FRIDAY marks a whole month of playing this cute and cuddly vampirate named Benny!  I never expected to make him and fall even more in love with him, and hell, fall even more with this fandom!  I’m not much with edits because I actually suck at ps but !!  have a semi-decent photo and some love to all of you.  I’ll probably forget a lot of you but, bear with me.  

T E A M   P U R G A T O R Y ;   aka, the people I adore most.  

           These are the people that keep me here and make me love what I do.  I don’t know how I was lucky enough to have you guys and for you to accept me for the raging fan I was.  But, thank you for dealing with my crazy.  Thank you for adding to the fire and just …  loving Benny and I.  Without you I wouldn’t have stayed.  

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T E A M   F R E E    W I L L   ;  aka, everyone else I love on my dash / those I haven’t interacted with / those I need to do more with.  

            As mentioned, this is everyone I love seeing or shyly watching or hell, admiring.  Each and every one of you on here is amazing and I’m honored to even write in the same community with you. Just … let me adore you guys, okay?  ( not gonna lie probs gon miss a lot but!! ) 

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T E A M   B E N N Y   ;  aka, blogs I follow that love Benny / Deanbenny as much as I do. 

             I know I can always go on these blogs for ideas or things to do with muses; if I just need a moment to appreciate Dean and Benny or hell; Benny in general.  

@bennylafitte || @dennyismydestiel

A G A I N;  thank you for making this last month worth while.  I never imagined I would fall in love with Benny this much but you guys helped me with that.  Here’s to many, many more months, and plots, and tears, and crack.  ( looking at you lou. ) 

The Year Forgotten (iamyourking)

It was not Castiel’s first battle. It wasn’t even his first battle against his own brothers, but it was the first time he’d actually felt hate seething from his brothers’ blades. He’d hesitated, and he had a gash through his vessel’s side for his trouble. Light shone through the wound, and he felt lightheaded despite coming out the victor. 

Was this the price of defending their Father’s last wish? Would they destroy each other for the sake of saving their brothers and sisters on Earth? For weren’t they all the children of God?

Castiel closed his eyes and leaned against the wall in the dank New York alley, having shifted back onto the planes of humans to rest. He almost didn’t feel the buzzing of the phone Crowley had given him in his pocket, and as he glanced at the screen, he almost wanted to ignore the new monarchs call. But, with Hell’s souls burning within him, giving him the strength to combat seven of his brothers at once and still be standing, Castiel felt obliged to respond. 

Instead of answering the phone, Castiel forced himself upright, healing the wound in his vessel so Crowley would not see his injury unless he looked closely at his Grace. He drew himself up, and flew himself to Crowley’s side. 

The Path to the Black Lodge || closed with iamyourking

Since they woke up a few years ago, the creature tried to stay away from Hell and other supernatural beings. Of course it didn’t work all the time, and in their first year of being a relatively free person they made an attempt to find some answers about their imprisonment. However it had happened so long ago, no one remembered about it, no one has heard and they didn’t find any written evidence about Lucifer’s betrayal, even about their very existance.

In some way it was good. No one searched for Cath, no one tried to use them or their powers. Their life was almost restful, they lived alone in their white flat in the empty house, just a few friends visited them sometimes, their powers restored gradually, and they hoped to keep it this way as long as possible.


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This is the tumblr bear hug ⊂( ̄(エ) ̄)⊃. Pass it to 15 of your favorite tumblrs to let them know that you love them (◕‿◕✿)~~

You deserve all the bear hugs. <3
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People. Oh how Riley loved people
She smiled up at them, eyes bright with curiosity as she took them in, wondering who they were, what they were like, what they could teach her.
People were always so interesting – always. Many believed tons to be carbon copies of others, but each person was their own individual self, and that’s what she loved. Even if they became so similar to others, they still had their own stories.
Those – the stories– that’s what truly peaked her interest. She loved the stories she could hear, experiences she could learn from even without experiencing them herself.
“Hello,” She greeted, tone soft. “I’m Riley, and you are?"