started work at 6am, finished at 7am (got paid for 4 hours)

went to the gym when i finished, only had a shower.

now sat in starbucks waiting for claire to wake up and come into town, if she isnt here by half 9 im leaving. 

iamyourdensity replied to your post: It’s funny because I’m going to cry the entire way…

I love how excited you are ahah ugh youre gonna love it so much. i wish i was going to a show with you!!!! Cry

I AM SO FAR BEYOND EXCITED, it’s actually hurting me a bit! I just bought a ticket for the last Brixton show as well and now I am beyond all realms of skint but oh my mary mother of cunt, it is the greatest decision I’ve made all day. We would have had SO much fun though, perhaps too much..