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I got this package from Josh Bayer the other day and I couldn’t be happier. I ordered from him RAW POWER #2, HENRY & GLENN FOREVER AND EVER #2, AND SCAM #9: THE DAMAGED ISSUE. He sent me a copy of ROM too which was super nice of him, i gifted it to pretty much my only comics friends around here.

But he sent me two drawings along with the package and did a little Liddy sketch on the package. this is honestly one of the cooler packages I’ve recevied. I wasn’t expecting the extras and the extras almost outweighed what I actually bought. so he sent me one of Liddy doing his Raw Power gimmick and old men Henry & Glenn. FUGGIN LOVE IT. Thanks a ton man.

so yeah, buy cool shit from Josh Bayer. He’ll probably send you even more cool shit.

Buy it FROM HIM at joshbayerart.com


New in the Birdcage Bottom Books shop:

Josh Bayer’s “Rom Prison Riot”

Josh bayer has spent half of his career ripping off old comics. “Rom Prison Riot” is no exception! In it, Josh painstakingly “covers” two 1983 issues of Bill Mantlo’s Rom Spaceknght (issues 31 and 32).

Its an indie comics reinterpretation of the overlooked superhero masterpiece combined with “Theth”, a sixteen page fictional piece about a weird little 12 year old asshole who might be based on Mr. Bayer himself. A comic so good you won’t know if you want to buy it or punch Mr Bayer in the face.

7″ x 8.5″, 48 pages. $5.50
Three-color risograph cover with b&w interior
** Cover shown is different than what we have in stock (black drawing, pink & blue highlights) *** 

- See more at: http://www.birdcagebottombooks.com/shop/rom-prison-riot/#sthash.jOIa92HZ.dpuf