iamtinybones asked:

I'll play! :) 2, 9, 17, 18

2) Weakness
I have almost 0 self confidence and have severe trust issues.

9) Tattoos I want
My first tattoos I’m getting are a feather on one wrist and a nail on the other. They’re pictures in the spines of Showbread’s Anorexia and Nervosa cds and represent each sister. Stealing the idea from my friend Kaylie.

17) A fact about my life
I seriously would love to run a record store or venue or small coffee shop (though I know that will never happen)

18) Phobia
Heights. Blegh. 

iamtinybones asked:

I received your mail the other day! Haha :) Absolutely loved it. Well played sir, well played. How did you know I was into face liking decapitation?

I could tell as soon as I saw you at the Manchester concert. You just looked the type. I’m glad you liked it, I got yours too! I’ll post a picture up later on when I’m not so gross looking. :)


I walked down to this nice clothing shop today (The Embellished Room) and applied for the part-time position that they were hiring for. I told them that I am a fashion photographer as well, just moved to the city from Niagara Falls, and the manager seemed to like me. He said that I would be receiving a callback from them next week. Keeping my fingers crossed :) It would be a great opportunity to get more familiar with fancier clothing and expand my apparel knowledge.

Old Perfume

Over the years, I have collected empty perfume bottles of some of my favourite scents that I wore regularly; glass vessels of different sizes and shapes, containing the final droplets of each fragrance. So much memory is stored in scent - a wealth of experiences and feelings spanning over years boiled down and concentrated into barely a millimetre of clear liquid. I twist the matte silver cap off one and am transported back to carefree summers of my youth, days spent wandering our small town streets and watersides with friends, staying out all night, and waking up to them throwing rocks at my window.  I remove the cap from another, the only musk roller I have ever owned, and inhale days spent to myself, long bubble baths, opposite sleep schedules and dressing up or creating looks with make-up to practise photography with myself. A third tells tales of our matching black polka dot dresses and date to the movies, flowers exchanged, letters written and preparing to move to another city.  The next scent is Japanese cherry blossom - one I still wear to this day - and I am starting another chapter, exploring new streets and sights, uncovering pieces of myself I never knew existed. Presently, I am wearing a bolder fragrance than in previous years (a gift from an old employee during my first year as manager after moving again) called Dreams Unlimited - and I must say, it is completely suiting for this ever-expanding phase of self and experience.