Uh Huh Honey…

All them other coats lame and you know it now.

When a real coat holds you down you are supposed to drown.


Uh Huh Honey….

Coat – SES, Dress – American Boutique, Stockings – David Jones, Shoes – Novo Shoes.


A Known Entity…

This story has been told time and time again. It’s quarter to nine and you are running late to work. Frustrated that you are still at home, you start mildly panicking. On your bed there is a pile of clothes, that were outfit options at one point in the morning - but but for what ever reason, you just was not feeling it. Sound familiar? What to do? What to wear? Is that the time? Panic really setting in now. Shit. Shit. Shit. This is the outfit I settled on. Dress - IamTinashe Custom, Necklace - Lovisa, Belt - Temt, Boots - Novo Shoes

Tear That Cherry Out…

In 1770, British parliament banned lipstick, saying it had the power to seduce men into marriage, which was classified as witch craft.

Fast forward to 2014, I am pretty sure I would have been burned at the stake with this outfit.

Necklace and Bangle - Lovisa, Skivvy Top - Dotti, Pencil Skirt - Temt, Shoes - Wittner


Wedding Style - Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson

Last week there was speculation of Solange Knowles tying the knot with long time love Alan Ferguson.

Men lie, women lie, Photos don’t.

I wasn’t going to believe it until I saw the photos.

Let me just say - it was worth the wait.

Could the wedding photos be any more breath taking?


Their unconventional wedding style exuded class, elegance and true beauty.

Honestly, I couldn’t be happier right now

Congratulations to the Fergusons.

Images Courtesy of Vogue.com


Something Old That Has Become New Again - Crotchet Braids..

If you have been reading my blog you would be well aware that I was getting tired of my box braids and wanted something new. After extensive research I settled on Crotchet Braids using Marley Braids.

I mean with the above pictures for inspiration, why wouldn’t you want to try it?

To achieve the look things you will need:

  • Hair extensions - I used Marley Braid. It suits my hair texture, I feel afrolicious with it on.
  • A long bobby pin. You will need to open it at about a 45 degree angle, as this will be you crotchet instrument.
  • Scissors - allow you to shape and even out the hair.

Step One:

To lay the foundation for you crotchet braids, braid your entire head of hair from the forehead to the nape of the neck.

Step Two:

Starting from the back row, insert your bobby pin under your braid line. Grab a piece of your extension and insert the hair in to the loop created by the bobby pin. Once the extension is secure in the loop pull the bobby pin throw the cornrow ensuring that you are holding on to the end of the extension. Using your fingers pull the extension through the loop and tighten - basically doing a knot to secure the hair.

Step Three:

Repeat step two until you have covered all the cornrow braids on you head.

Step Four:

Cut and style until your heart is content.

Even though I have gone to a lot of trouble to explain the crochet braid install process in  writing, sometimes its just better to see it for yourself.

My girl @abenalove has created a great how to video here.

I will reveal my final look in my next post.

IamTinashe. xx


Reaching For The Thigh…

On days when I am off duty, I often reach out for an all black ensemble.

It is simple, has a clean aesthetic and looks chic.

To add that WOW factor, I like to throw in some statement pieces.

Enter the statement necklace and thigh high boots.

Necklace - So African, T-Shirt - General Pants Co, Leggings - Cotton On, Boots - Stuart Weitzman


Grow Up Not Old…

It was lunch time and I was heading to “the spot” with my Creative Director to capture my outfit of the day.

As you do.

Whilst walking to our final destination I happened to run into an old high school friend.

Keep in mind it has been 10+ years since we finished high school.

I know you are probably now trying to calculate my age. Don’t.

When I saw my friend she had her husband, her two kids (7 and 2 months) in tow.

Hugs, chit chat, laughter, more chit chat. Air kisses goodbye and we both kept it moving.

This relatively short encounter got me thinking though…

At my age now am I a bona fide adult or just a phoney?

Its embarrassing to say this, but some of my biggest decisions of the day may include such gems as:

Should I work out in the morning or afternoon?

What am I going to wear?

What do I feel like for lunch?


If you cannot already tell I don’t have the additional responsibilities of being a wife or mother just yet.

My mother puts things into perspective with these simple words of wisdom, “enjoy it while it still lasts”.

…And that is what I am doing.

Top - Supre, Hoop Earrings - Lovisa, Skirt - Target, Shoes - Target


More Than…

As you can see I am now sporting my crotchet braids done by yours truly. *Pats Afro* Now to the outfit. I knew I would have an endless love affair with this leather pencil skirt from the moment I laid my eyes on it.

It has become one of the hardest working members of my wardrobe.

Perfect for days when I really should have been on my way to the office thirty minutes earlier.

Leopard Print Shirt - Charlier Brown, Leather Pencil Skirt - Sportsgirl, Heels - London Rebel.


I Consider Leopard Print A Neutral…

Strutting my stuff as I walked to the office, no lie i was really feeling myself - I was walking with vengeance. Pause. As I dramatically flick my hair to the side - giving you a moment to appreciate my strut.

Leopard print is my signature print slash colour and I seriously consider leopard print as a neutral. Yes you read that sentence correctly, leopard print is a neutral. When i wear leopard print i really feel fierce, extra pep in my step. Yup, Over the top dot com.

So as you can probably imagine I was having one of those days were I didn’t want to go home because I felt like not enough people had seen my outfit. Gosh, just have to laugh don’t you. Has this ever happened to you? No? Well this is awkward.

Top - Temt, Jewellery - Lovisa, Belt - Country Road, Skirt - Dotti, Shoes - London Rebel


Delusions Of Grandeur…

Mum – You know you could just wear your black pencil skirt and shirt on its own.

Me – True, but I think I need the something extra. *throws on faux fur, looks at the mirror* Yes, I need this - feeling a bit extra….

Earrings – Lovisa, Shirt – Portmans, Skirt – Temt, Shoes – Pied A Terre


This Week I Am….

  • Getting used to my new look. If you follow my Instagram you would have seen the making of my new hairstyle!
  • Since moving to Canberra I seem to be working longer hours. This week, I am going to really ensure that I start balancing my work and me time
  • Booking flights for my first trip home to Brisbane
  • Of course continue to be all over my diet and work out plan.

Jacket - IamTinashe Custom, Sunglasses - Sportsgirl, Bag - Louis Vuitton, Skirt - Temt, Shoes - Nine West

Pretty Hurts, Takes Time Too…

I like my hair a certain way, that is my f**ken problem. The ‘art creation’ above I can not really explain. Perhaps I was embodying the confidence found in Kanye to create this master piece? Cheap. Shot. I Know.

I digress….

Once of the hardest things about a woman of colour ah..fcuk it a  woman. Is the ongoing demands of my hair.

These relentless demands made me do the maths to calculate the answer to the age old question, “How much time does an average black woman spend on her hair?”. I was shocked to learn that on average I spend 2.5 weeks per year participating in activities involving my hair. Can you believe it? Lets break it down. I spend 12 hours every 6 weeks (4 hours undoing, 8 hours creating the new look) which equates to 96 hours. On a good week I work 37.5 hours. Which equated to 2.5 working weeks, I spend on my hair - Unpaid.

Two years ago I did the ‘big chop” I thought going “natural’ would solve all  my hair dramas.  When you stare at the cold hard black and white facts it its really unbelievable - no really,  I need a moment.

Some readers have been writing to me asking about the hair style I am currently sporting. Basically I thought about taking it back to the old school, where things were so cool. In the 90’s it was all about the braided bob. I googled ‘braided bob’ and images of the Salt and Pepa ladies came up. I took the images to my hairdresser who recreated the look on my head.

…drops mic and walks of the stage.


P.S - I will be looking for ways to snatch back the time spent on hair - if you are interested I will share my “hair time savings” with you as I find them.

The Weekend Doesn't Seem Long Enough, Lace Dress...

Growing up, I would sometimes over heard older women having what they perceived to be private conversations. Little did they know there was a little someone listening in. They talked about being madly in love and spending days in lace. At the time I really didn’t know what that meant - but i have a fair idea now. Blushes.

My lace interpretation isn’t literal or as descriptive as the women mentioned earlier.

Instead its a not so subtle attempt to make something that would otherwise be considered feminine and dainty - to be a little more edgy and provide some street credibility.

Perfect for a breakfast outing.

Dress - West End Boutique  Belt - Cotton On, Shoes - Converse


Hair Talk - Marley Twist…

When i was in Johannesburg, South Africa every second woman I saw had Marley Twists. Not the big sized ones you see on this post, but the itty bitty ones you get when you know you will have a small army to help you remove them.

I could have had them done in my short whirlwind visit to Johannesburg, but in my experience whenever i have had some hairdressers do my hair its either its too sore (scalp is so sensitive), braids are too tight or the hair irritates my scalp etc. I decided not to chance it. So yeah, I am pretty lucky that i can do my own hair.

The beautiful women you see on this post really serve as a great source of inspiration as i am doing my hair myself. 

Finished product to be shown soon….T