Hop on top of the cringe train it’s a face reveal of moi! I like this photo bc I’m wearing my overalls eeee! They’re so comfy!
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...and at that very moment, I couldn't ever be more sure

You are the one, and you’ve always been the one. My mind cannot be any more clear. My dear, you are the one!

You are the one that I will be with for this lifetime and the others to come. You are the first I will see when the sun rises, and the last when the sun sets. I’ll even have you in my dreams, and through my struggles. My every thought will be free to be shared with you, with no limits or restraints. I will cook for you my favorite meals, for they are yours too. We will explore as we have always loved, and meditate to keep our balance. Let’s go on those long hikes that we love so much. Nature is our favorite. We will forever confide in each other, collaborate for creative projects and be the best of business partners. Give each other that immense love we have burning and flow as the air that we are.

You are the one and I have no doubt you will ever leave my side,

for I have had you in me all this time.

If only I had looked in the mirror sooner.


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