“Wotcher! Sorry to bother ya, but I think I’ve gotten myself lost. Not that that’s not normal for me, but this time I’ve really no idea how to get back.” Rose gave the man an apologetic smile, feeling a bit stupid for having to go about asking, but not knowing any other way to find the Doctor. God, she had to stop wandering off. He’d told her enough times!

“Wouldn’t happen to’ve seen a blue box somewhere ‘round here, would ya? Says ‘Police Public Call Box’ on it, across the top?”

Rose waited until everyone had left before sneaking in behind the last person to lock up. It wasn’t late but the laboratory was draped in darkness nevertheless. It was clear to her from the beginning that if she was caught in here after closing, she wasn’t going to get off lightly for it. But she just had to find out whether those re-occurring lights over the building the past nights were extraterrestrial. It wouldn’t have been a surprise if it was, due to the rumours that surrounded the place. Unfortunately, she didn’t expect someone to be there when she arrived. Rose tried to freeze, but in the process knocked over a test tube. There was nowhere to hide. That time she successfully, though reluctantly froze and waited for the inevitable.  


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It had been a few months since The Doctor had visited and it was Christmas. Amy and Rory were setting up the table for themselves and a additional one in case the doctor or anyone they knew showed up . Just then the door bell went off. ill go look who that is and you continue to set the table" Amy told Rory as she took her water pistol and walked to the door. “if those are more carol singers, be warned I have a water pistol.” she called loudly and opened the door pointing the water gun at whoever stood there.

+5: Another TARDIS?!

There simply hadn’t been time to change out of the literal Elizabethan garb she’d been wearing following a body double excursion for the real Good Queen Bess when a blip on Argo’s screen had alerted the woman to a very big surprise. “…Artron energy of this caliber…. Is it truly..?!”

A ship? Another ship?! Oh, what sort of luck was she having in these past centuries! “Wonderful, Argo dear, very very marvelous!" It was some kind of divine providence that she was able to make her way around the console flipping switches while wearing such a corset, but she managed just long enough to follow the map of sorts she was given before promptly bursting through the outer wardrobe doors onto the concrete sidewalk that exited an alley in who-knows-where and who-knows-when Earth.

It was quite possibly the latter part of the 20th century or possibly the beginning of the 21st given the clothing, but she wasn’t really paying as much attention considering she’d been quick to dash alongside the street amid the strangest of stares. No doubt people thought that this was some kind of viral marketing scheme for a play, but she was in a manic sort of desperation to find each and every person within earshot and interrogate them with intense excitement. "Pardon, have you seen…something?”

Well she was looking for a TARDIS, after all, it could be anything. But the confused and strange stares left the Elizabeth I doppleganger’s powdered nose scrunched slightly. “Something no doubt hidden..but incredible. Possibly incredibly hidden unless you were really looking? No one? Oh, how very unhelpful you all are!" For a moment she seemed on the verge of tears, but with a flicker of something in her features she’d spun on heel and rushed down the sidewalk into a form going the other way, calling out in annoyance following an involuntary yelp. "Ouch! …Goodness, darling, did your Housekeeper never tell you to be on the watch for faux Elizabethan nobles in search of extremely important somethings..?! I may lose sight of the unseen!”

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River pulled the cake from the oven and placed it on the cooling rack as she heard the Tardis noise and watched as it emerged right there in the middle of her kitchen. She rolled her eyes taking of her oven mitts, and opening the door. “Honey, we’re really going to have to talk about you parking outside every once in a while” She chuckled, “Finally home for the holidays are we?” She asked.