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I supp9se I have put this 9ff l9ng en9ugh, 6ut I wanted t9 make sure I c9uld make as welc9ming 9f a greeting p9st f9r all 9f y9u as I have d9ne s9 far f9r every9ne else. Luckily f9r y9u all y9u didn’t have t9 wait that l9ng, 6ut I ap9l9gize t9 any and all that might feel pers9nally 9ffended 6y the wait. My name is Kankri Vantas and it is a pleasure t9 meet all 9f y9u. I am a gl96ally kn9wn fashi9n m9del and during my free time I 9ften make speeches relating t9 the inequality 9f the caste system. F9r any and all questi9ns feel free t9 ask, I like t9 think myself as an 9pen 699k f9r these things after all. As f9r pr9n9uns, I am fine with any and all he/she/they, s9 feel free t9 say whatever y9u’re c9mf9rta6le with, please d9 inf9rm me 9f y9ur 9wn s9 I d9n’t make any mistakes 9r step 9n any t9es. It is a pleasure t9 meet y9u all and I d9 h9pe we will 6e just w9nderful friends.

Th9ugh, I als9 understand that 9ne 9f y9u is a f9rmer acquaintance 9f mine, s9 Cr9nus if y9u w9uld 6e ever s9 kind as t9 message me when y9u have free time sh9uld y9u wish t9 speak again, I w9uld l9ve that. Any and all 9f y9u, are 9f c9urse welc9me t9 message me t99, I just have had pri9r c9nversati9ns with him.

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