An Old Flame // Eridan & Vriska

Eridan scoffed at his computer screen. He was not parking a block away. He had way too much luggage that was far too expensive to be dragging around all over the damn place. His driver would be parking much closer, and if anyone had a fucking problem with it, they could call his manager.

   He grabbed his phone and texted his driver Vriska’s address, along with a message telling him to show up ASAP, pop the trunk,and get ready to do something just a little bit illegal. He received a message of surprise back, asking him what the hell was on his mind and why he wasn’t going to the airport again. After all, it was atypical of him to stay in the same place for more than a few days.

   Eridan didn’t bother responding, opting to put his phone in the inside pocket of his Burberry blazer. It would take way too long to explain over text and besides, his driver didn’t need to know why he was staying. Nobody did. He was far too proud to let anyone know that he was tired of worrying about where his next bed was going to be, and who he was going to have to sleep with to get it. Despite the prestige of the rooms he was constantly in, it really wasn’t worth it anymore. He missed having a solid roof over his head.

   He surveyed the hotel room for anything he may have missed while packing. While searching, and picking up the odd ring he had let fall to the floor, he spotted a business card on the table with ‘Call Me’ scrawled along the top. It was from the director he had slept with, obviously. He might have actually gotten work out of this one. His heart picked up in his chest at the thought of snagging another job, even if it was just another Off-Broadway production. He smiled and put the card in the pocket of his blazer, and called down to the lobby to get help with his luggage

   After all was said and done, he was sitting, contentedly, in the back of his stretch limo, telling his driver exactly where he planned on parking.

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