This is what I got from Stephanie and Miguel. I badly needed a wallet but I didn’t really mind since my Hello! Kitty wallet was doing uh-okay. I was actually waiting for some extra kaching to buy a wallet. It’s not the kind of thing I really wanna splurge some cash on. I’m so happy it was given to me. :) Thank you so much!


We won!! XD All of our hard work really paid off and it was all worth it.

It was quite a dream come true :’) I was crowned the first ever CAS angel.

I owe my deepest and sincere gratitude to the ComSci Society :D

No words can ever express how truly thankful and grateful I am for those who helped, guided and supported me.

nong Kenneth, nang Franz, nang Ecki, nang Steph, Kim, Bibar, nang Larmie, nong John, Maricon, Mae2x, Ricamae, my BSCS2A classmates, my friends, the comsci people and to all those who supported me; this wouldn’t be possible without you!! ^_^

And most importantly and above all, I would also like to thank the Almighty God for all the opportunities and blessings He has showered and bestowed upon me.

i♥COMSCI!! :)