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My baby @iamsultrysimone got on her nude Vixen, I see you boo 👀😍😘!!! Thanks for the ShoutOut!!!!


One more time for @iAmSultrySimone !! #Part2 #GoLookAtHER #GLAH


Great news BLACK #VIXEN Are FULLY stocked & available for #PickUp in #NewOrleans & #Atlanta by texting 504-333-3472 and if your not in either state you can Order ONLINE by #ClickIngTheLinkInMyBio or go to VivaciousShapewear.Com (They run small) model @iamsultrysimone is wearing a Medium she normally wears a Sz Small in the sports trainer they run small so order 1 size bigger then you would wear in the normal corset!!!
How to put on your vixen
1. Snap Up
2. Clamp the top.
3. Zip it up
And No Rolling up, soft & more comfortable then other aggressive waist training corsets
#corsets #WaistTrainer


Twerk for the money! 😈💰 #GoLookAtHER @iAmSultrySimone #GLAH