Are Muslims Really oppressing women?
  • A Muslim sits next to a general in a flight
  • The general asks the Muslim:What is your occupation?
  • Muslim:I’m into big business
  • General:But what business exactly?
  • Muslim:I deal with Allah (swt)
  • General:Ah so yo’re a religious Muslim leader? I have 1 problem with you Muslims, you oppress woman.
  • Muslim :How do we oppress woman?
  • General:You make woman cover up completely and make them generally stay in there homes.
  • Muslim:Ah, I have a problem with you people, you oppress money.
  • General:What? How can one oppress money?
  • Muslim:You keep your money hidden away in banks and safes. You keep it covered up why don’t you display it in public if it’s a beautiful thing?
  • General:It will get stolen obviously.
  • Muslim:So you keep your money hidden because it’s valuable. We value the worth for woman far, far more. Therefore these precious jewels are not on display to one and all. They are kept in honor and dignity.
Semi Ramadhan Rant!


Here is my semi ramadhan rant…not really a rant because getting angry in Ramadhan is not good …lol im just annoyed basically.. Here it is [before you decide to judge..read & hear me out first.]

I dont understand why people, specifically and only muslims say that “if you sleep all day during Ramadhan, you have lost the purpose behind it”  I mean i understand 100% that Ramadhan is a time where our souls are suppose to be closer to Allah, and to do that you need to do as much ibadah (worship) as you can!

Indeed, prayers & reading the quran is highly important in Ramadhan, and it brings our souls closer to our master, Allah.

But sleeping is not “wasting time”

In fact it is also ibadah. 

That is because if you are asleep you refrain from doing the minor sins that happen unknowingly such as gheebat (backbiting), lying, anger, fighting with your siblings. So is that not ibadah?

Our Holy Prophet & Our Imams (peace be upon them) have said that If one is fasting to please Allah, then even his smallest form of ibadah is accepted even if it is just sleeping. 

Sleeping in Ramadhan prevents us from doing minor sins that we often dont realize…

Dont get me wrong, im not saying to sleep through prayer timings,,,but if you do happen to sleep in late or decide to take a nap during the day…IT IS NOT “wasting your time in Ramadhan”

I AM NOT SAYING THAT YOU CAN SLEEP THROUGH FAJR, ZUHR/ASR, MAGHRIB/ISHA! [Ramadhan is a month of worship…you cant sleep through prayers!]

Wasting your time in Ramadhan is watching tv or playing video games all day THAT is wasting your time…which im sure WE ALL do..

Other than that, Allah knows best!

Ramadhan Kareem!