I come from a long line of people who work the land
I come from a long line of people who use their hands
They taught me how to bind my fear
They taught me how to shed my skin
Surrender my name and blow in my wind
Because I’m on my way, yes I’m on my way now
Ain’t nobody can say which way to go
Because the road is paved with every step I take
And when I lose my way, when I break,
I just drop to my knees, I put my hands to the ground
I feel the Earth breathe
—  Rupa and the April Fishes, “Build”

My life:
In case you were wondering. You weren’t, I know, but I am. So I’m
telling you.

I just finished my withdrawal paperwork today. I booked my flight back to CA on may 7.

I wish money wasnt a thing. You know? If I didn’t have to worry about that, then everything would be fine and dandy.

Anyways I plan on spending the next 6 months paying back all my debt. I have two jobs for this summer and I’m pretty much gonna be working every minute I’m awake until I can make $5000. Then I’m gonna keep saving up until I can afford to go on a trip to Alaska!

I am going to go to Alaska and Canada and explore the arctic because one day I will return to save the polar bears. I will also learn wilderness survival (yay!) to prepare for polar bears and next summer

Next summer I will get a summer job in Alaska doing awesome Alaska stuff.

Then Ill finish my degree somewhere (state school? I’m broke) in environmental science…

And that’s all I’ve got. Polar bears!