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I think Miyazaki is kind of overrated, but Spirited Away was OK. Although I’m not really into Japanese animation, I love the work of Satoshi Kon. Perfect Blue or Paprika are masterpieces in my opinion.

I really want to see Paprika.

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It’s a taste in style I would argue takes a little time to develop. His plots are generally convoluted but are rewarding in terms of imagery and animation.

Sadly, there’s none of his films on Netflix instant. 

iamsambell answered your question: Is Melancholia totally the worst choice for a date movie?

I took a girl to see Black Swan, maybe that wasn’t the best idea, but eventually she totally loved it.

My mom and I saw that. It was a little awkward. But, I spent so much time babbling about how much I loved it in the car, it didn’t end up mattering much. 

Although Black Swan is very dark, I have a feeling that Melancholia, by its very nature, might be too depressing. Hah. 

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Oh, thank you! Your blog is also amazing. When I get responses like this, I know it’s worth doing my blog. It’s just really sad that I’ll almost certainly never meet any of you, because there are so many amazing people here. Thanks again!

I know, there are some really fascinating people on here! I’d love just to gather a bunch fo them for lunch or dinner and just talk for hours. Including yourself! (Love your Never Let Me Go icon)

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You should. That movie is amazing.

Last summer when I had Netflix, I started it and got about a half hour through, but I had to stop for some reason and then never finished. you see, I’m not allowed to have Netflix during the school year because it’s a “distraction”. Yeah, because Tumblr and Facebook aren’t. Come to think of it, my mother doesn’t know what Tumblr is or that I have one…) 

But, yeah, that’s one of the first things I’m going to watch/ I’m also going to add some Criterion films to my queue. 

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You’re probably right. I haven’t seen Melancholia yet, so I can’t really tell, but it certainly looks extremely depressing (and considering it’s a Lars von Trier film, I’m almost sure it really is depressing).

Antichrist made me want to die inside. But I loved it… It was intense and riveting. I definitely need to see more of him. 

iamsambell replied to your post: OMG I don’t know if I should see The Tree of Life. The reviews (both critical and audience) have been so split. I was so psyched to see it but now I don’t know if I should. Ugh.

You should absolutely see it. I liked Days of Heaven, but it was nothing special. But The Tree of Life is absolutely his best work to date, and one of of the best films I’ve ever seen. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

I hope not! Thanks so much!