Para's Society6 Update!

You want Lewis shirts?  Pillows?  Duvet covers?  Hoodies?  I got them!  At my Society6 shop:


Here’s some examples!

External image

Hug that skelly!

External image

Wear that skelly!

External image

Wrap yourself in the skelly!

That looks so cool! Thanks for showing us!

Para's Society6 Update!

With all the hype about Mystery Skull’s new animated music video, Ghost, I jumped on the fanart bandwagon and drew up some art!  That art, my friend, is now available to you in a bunch of different forms!

Want Lewis on a tank top?  Of course you do!  Regular t-shirts, long sleeves, and hoodies are also available!

Wanted to hug that bara skellie?  Now you can!  He’s on a throw pillow!

He’s even a duvet cover so you can wrap yourself in that lovely pink haired, dapper skeleton.  Yes.  >83

Visit my Society6 store now!  http://society6.com/iamparadroid