What do I like about Gaga? I love her honesty, her passion, her huge fucking heart. She loves her fans, she has a true bond with us. That’s something you’ll never be able to deny is there. Sure, maybe in your eyes she’s “just a good voice”. But to me, since I take the time and make the effort to look into things she does and realize the meaning behind them, they are forms of art. Maybe it appears like she’s putting on a facade to the average person… but to monsters, we know the truth behind it all. People always say she’s a closed up person, they always ask “Who is the REAL lady gaga?” and the truth is, she IS Gaga. The clothes, the hair, the makeup, that IS the real her. That’s just who she is. And if you think it’s all just a big show, then you go right ahead and think that, every other person I have tried to convince just dose not want to listen, therefore it’s next to impossible to change their opinion. I just hope you’ll look into things about her more, I mean.. she’s the most genuine star that there is right now. She has changed so meany of her fan life's. Me being one. Just don't judge her she has helped so meany people. Don't judge her just because you don't know her.