The Trap: Flake and Olli

Flake took his time with putting all his cables away and getting his keyboards ready for the weekend when he saw that Olli was still busy pulling new strings to his bass. He waited until all the others had left, then smirked to himself. This was now or never. He wanted the bassist. So badly. He wanted to possess him, to have him as his own. He wanted him to bow to his every will and those hazel eyes to stare up at him. He slowly went over to Olli, trying to act perfectly normal. “Hey, would you be up for a end of week beer over at my house?” He smiled invitingly.


Once she spotted Ollie, she walked over. She didn’t have a smile on her face this time. In fact she wasn’t even in her work clothes. With a frown she let out a large sigh.
“I would like to apologise for my behaviour.”  

Teacher/student | Closed

Addie sighed as she gradded papers. She frowned a little as she noticed Olli’s grade was particularly low. He was usually a straight A student! She looked up to him. “Oliver? I need you to stay late for school alright?"She spoke with a smile.

-Baby walked into the hospital room, frowning at the sight of Ollie in the bed. She had heard the stories from the previous nurse and had been sent in to deal with them. A typical day in her job, telling off the men who seemed to think they can just get away with anything in the hospital. With a sigh she checked his chart before coughing slightly.-
-She asked with a smile-
I am Baby Stein, head of patient safety, I have been called in because of some worries that have been brought to my attention. 


(( Right I am going to say this right now, to get it out in the open. 
I am not keen on Joe Letz but I also do not know the guy. 
So I have no right to judge him in any way shape or form.
Due to his dislike towards role play I WILL NOT be doing any form of role play that includes the man. This is out of some what respect to him and I hope you understand this. 
I have my reasons for avoiding the subject at all cost, and I hope you will respect my views. Further more I shall allow any questions from rpers I currently rp, but all private. 

I hope you respect my wishes. ))