Do you think that at this moment you are happy? And I’m not just talking about the “I’m-marginally-content-with-life-right-now-but-that’s-it” kind of happy.

I’m talking about the kind of happy you are when you wake up in the morning and yes, you want to go back to sleep, but the idea of going through the day doesn’t give you a migraine. The kind of happy where sure, you may not LOVE your job but you’re not there from 9 to 7 glancing at the clock every time you can.You know, the kind of happy where you feel almost excited to experience whatever the hell life hurls your way.

Recently, I’ve learned that my definition of happiness is not merely the absence of conventionally negative emotions and events, but a combination of different things that sit on a “Not Crappy” to “Fucking Awesome” scale.

They say that when a writer is happy, that they are more likely to STOP writing. I didn’t care enough to authenticate the source of that statement nor look any deeper into it but based off of my own experiences, I’d say that’s more than accurate.

For the past few months I’ve found that my emotional state has gone from abysmal to generally cheerful, or at the very least untroubled. How I got to this place in my state of mind has been quite a trip.

It started a while back with an end to a relationship that had run its course. The relationship was unhealthy and truthfully toxic. I would say it was a mutual break up but others may think otherwise.

Following this was an end to a job that I despised. I was working a teaching job that I had no interest in doing, around colleagues who were lifeless and sucked any fun out of what was supposedly a “joyful and cheery” environment. I worked there for less than a month and every day felt like some intricate slow-torture-type punishment.

Now, I’m not a life coach and I certainly do not have my shit together. I am not qualified to tell you how to be happy or how to live your life. HOWEVER, what I can tell you is that, from my experience, it really does help to just generally have a more positive outlook on life and the first step to achieving that is to cut toxic shit out of your life.

Ultimately, cutting out all the negativity from your life is a good way to start out the “path to happiness” or whatever you want to call it. You cut the shit out and you’re left with a relatively clean slate to pave your way. This includes shitty relationships with lovers or frenemies, horrible bosses and colleagues as well as cutting out everything else that just makes you feel bad.

Are you happy? Because if your answer is anything but a plain “yes”, then you’ve probably got some work cut out for you.

That’s it for today’s pseudo-life coaching session. I hope that you’ve learned something from this post and really if you haven’t, I don’t care. I just want you to leave with this message in mind:



Have you ever been at a loss for words when trying to start a conversation with someone? Maybe you’re just not into the same things, maybe you don’t know what to talk about, maybe you’re just not good at conversing with people. That’s alright.

I’ve found that discussing current events are a good way to start or maintain conversations and a good way to sound in-the-know even when you’re out of the loop.

What I’ll be doing is summing up of some of the latest and popular headlines with a brief explanation. I’ll even throw in an opinion or two in there just for the hell of it. You didn’t ask for this but I’m doing it for you anyway. You’re welcome.

(Conversation Tip #1: When at a loss for words, you could always start conversations with “So I heard from this really cool blog that you should definitely check out that…..”)

Headline: Queen of the World Beyoncé has a new ‘do!

What’s up: Woman who sings for a living tries out new hairstyle.
Why it’s important: It’s not! But she’s famous! Yaaaaaay haircuts! 
What I think: You do you, Queen B. You do you.
Conversation prompt: What do you think of the singer’s hair? Why do you care that much? Discuss.

That’s it for Entertainment. No one and nothing else is as important as Queen B.

(Conversation tip #2: Conversation not going anywhere? Just start singing Drunk in Love. If the other person doesn’t rap Jay Z’s part you don’t need them in your life)

Headline: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer is out!

What’s up: CoD: AW is a video game. People play video games. The trailer consists of a bunch of soldiers running around shooting things and making things explode. Rock music plays in the background. Kevin Spacey plays the video game’s main villain Jonathan Irons. The game is set in some kind of dystopian future. The game comes out in a few weeks: Nov. 4 available to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Why it’s important: It’s not! But people love video games.
What I think: The CoD series has seriously been lacking in quality both in gameplay and story for the past few years. I’m not excited for this game but I am probably still going to buy it because I’m a sucker for unnecessary spending.
Conversation prompt: Will you be buying this game? If so, why would you waste your money like that? If not, where did you learn to be so smart?

Headline: Apple have a few ‘new’ iPads coming out!
What’s up: The iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air 2 are now available for online orders. You may be wondering: what makes these one so special? The answer: not much.

They come in a new gold finishing now or “champagne” or “hey look at me, come pick me up I’m so expensive”. As always they are somewhat slimmer or faster or shinier or more likely to get stolen on a night out with your friend… but hey, what do I know? Go check the website for more details.
Why it’s important: It’s really not! It’s pretty much the same stuff that came out last year except now they come in a more pretentious color and also they can like do the whole fingerprint scanning thing too.
What I think: If only previous iPad models had the ability to not get lost then I wouldn’t have to buy a new one this time around. *Pretentious sighing*
Conversation prompt: Why do people think it’s cool to take iPads away from their owners? Would buying the gold one make me look too pretentious or should I just not care?

That’s it for Tech news.

I meant to include more headlines like “Hong Kong’s Umbrella Revolution”, “Ebola Is Now A Big Deal Though It Should Have Been Long Ago”, but I didn’t have time to do so.” There’s also stuff about Oscar Pistorious (spoiler alert: he’s been sentenced to 5 years in prison) in the news recently so you could talk about that and discuss the man’s guilt, or lack thereof. 

Topics such as those would be better off with serious, in-depth explanation which requires patience, interest and sincerity; all of which I lack. So I’ll leave that to you to look into.

I hope these help in some way. I’ll be back soon with more Shit to Talk About.

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