Stimulate Some Positive Thinking

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Name 15 things that make you happy and then tag 15 people.

1. Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra (of course of course)

2. My friends

3. Tumblr!!

4. Anime

5. Family

6. Music

7. Shipping (without shipping wars)

8. Anime Conventions

9. Food

10. School (Shocker isn’t it?)

11. Smosh

12. Traveling to new places

13. Feeling of being stress-free

14. Church

15. Daydreaming

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finally made a friends list on my blog which can be found if you click on my link ‘munchkins’ 

i still have more people i need to ask if they want to be on it, but it’s slowly coming along :3 also if anyone on there wants to change their pixel at any time, just message me >:)