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Emi pls. Can I just tell your anons that we're just now starting to get legit development between them that is noticeable to the more casual viewers. THAT IS IMPORTANT. Just because WE have seen it since s4 doesnt mean you can alienate an entire section of viewers. The noticeable build up is important! Stay positive guys, we've had good development this season ;)


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hello my darling i just wanted to stop by and implore you to imagine if krissy had met kevin right after he became the prophet and thought he was just this weird floppy haired kid that was scared of his shadow and are you serious? this is the kid that reads the word of god? but then she swings by the bunker one day to visit dean after the angels fell and woah where did this guy come from, no way is this is the same guy who couldnt even make eye contact with her a year ago - this is a man -

a man with hardened eyes who meets her stare dead-on and just nods her way and mutters “hey” before heading off to (what she presumes) is the kitchen and was it just her or did the temperature just jump 10 degrees? uwu

krissy would 600% try to talk herself out of the crush she starts developing on kevin during her extended visit at the bunker, which is hard because the guys and cas are hunting that vamp nest down in texas for a few days which leaves krissy and kevin to sit awkwardly in the library reading and researching and krissy just gets so upset with herself for constantly meeting his eye and blushing like a schoolgirl because SERIOUSLY this is not her style and why does he stare at her so much anyway?

And Kevin… Kevin pls. Kevin would be like, sorta knowing what’s happening, but also so  confused and weirded out and vaguely disturbed by everything but also so not caring about any of it but suddenly there’s this girl and she’s tough and she swears like a sailor but she looks like she’s fifteen and she’s smart and doesn’t take any sass from anybody and hugs Dean all the time and also punches him and is, surprisingly, very good at Halo, and she doesn’t take any shit about it, and before he’s really aware of it he thinks of the way she smiles alot and the curve of her lips when she’s smiling and frowning and angry as hell and it’s when they come back from one of their hunts, all bloody and cold-eyed and stiff, that he realizes he likes her. A lot. And then he goes through a whole array of guilt, because his last girlfriend just liked him for his college chances, but she was also murdered by Crowley, and he feels awful about it all the time, but it’s become just one more thing he hates with dull passion because why? They’re gonna die anyways. One does not simply live long around the Winchesters. 

But Krissy. Krissy with her quick smile and quick attitude and the way she stares at him and looks so bewildered but so… dammit, so cute, just by being around him…

Kevin doesn’t know how to handle it. He’d very much like to stop it all- all the pain, all the sorrow, all the guilt in his guts that threaten worse things coming for him. His mom, his girlfriend, everyone he knows is dead, or is going to be dead.

And it’s not until after Krissy blurts out how much she’d like to kiss him, isn’t before they’ve been sorta/maybe doing something like dating, isn’t until she slips into his side for movie night and he feels so right, that maybe, maybe he’ll be okay. 

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bb do you want me to scan some fics for you?? idk if you have some bookmarked or s/t but i’ll check them for you *hugs*

*hugs tightly* Omg you are so sweet I can’t even. *cuddles&apologizes if I cry a little on your shoulder*

Just, if you see ANY fics that are safe for me to read, if you could pass the link on? I am always searching for new fics, but it’s so difficult… T^T

A fic is SFB (‘safe for booky’) when it contains no Cas/other (not even a single sentence alluding to a past relationship) and ends happily (i.e. with Dean and Cas together). I don’t mind mentions of Dean/other as long as the pairs are all canon and Cas is endgame.

Note: the fic doesn’t need to explicitly state that Cas is a virgin or anything, it just needs to avoid talking about or alluding to any romantic or sexual history for him.

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i feel so much better knowing i’m not the only one who is doing this/feeling this way~

oh no, you’re not alone :) i gave it much thought and since i’m a person that generally sees the glass half full i decided to do just that in this case as well and focus on the things that make me smile(like cockles shhhhh)