Atticus adjusted his glasses as he peered down at the blanket. “Hey, is that the book Nellie told us about?”
Jake’s eyes flicked to Olivia’s book. “You’ve got it outside in the sun? Are you out of your minds?”
Amy crossed her arms. “We’re being careful.”
“It’s not about careful, this is a five-hundred-year-old manuscript! You should be wearing gloves—Atticus brought some—and keeping it out of the sunlight.”
“It didn’t take you long to start barking orders!” Amy exclaimed, her face flushing. “But then you always know best, don’t you?”
“Somebody has to be mature in this situation,” Jake said, his gaze flashing at Ian, who was now intently trying to brush cookie crumbs off his pants.
“True. In that case, we’d rather consult your little brother,” Ian said with a smirk. “Medieval manuscripts are his field, am I right?”
“Technically, it’s early Renaissance,” Jake said.
“Thanks for the correction, my good man. Amy is right—you do know best.” Ian slipped his arm around Amy. “She’s so perceptive. One of the many things I adore about her.”
“It’s getting chilly. Why don’t we go inside?” Amy suggested brightly as she tried to step out of the circle of Ian’s arm.
Ian took the opportunity to rub her shoulder. “You do feel rather cold,” he said. “Let’s sit by the fire. Jake, since you’re so interested in proper handling, why don’t you take the book?”
Jake snatched up the book and furiously stomped off toward the house.
“You forgot to wear gloves!” Ian called after him.
Amy pushed him away. “Really, Ian.”
“What a touchy guy,” Ian said. “Frankly, I don’t know what you see in him.”
He winced as the kitchen door slammed, then glanced at Amy’s red face. “Hmmm. It might be a good time for me to take a walk.
—  Jude Watson, Nowhere to Run
I always miss you- (Lashton)

Luke enjoyed being this close to Ashton, they could never do this before but Luke was comfortable. Luke held onto his hand with pride as he smiled “I want you to be happy, and I also want to do this” his free hand run through Ashton’s hair before he leaned up and kissed him slow and tender

Ashton was quite satified at the response but he knew it wasn’t worth it. “I want you to also be happy..” He bit down on his lip, slowly reaching down to reach Luke so they were fairly close. “What do you actually want?” He asked, kissing his cheek, playing with his ear for a bit.