Ian looked back, scanning as if to see anyone suspicious. Those two gentlemen on the right looked like they were ready to make an attack.

"Don’t look now," he whispered to Amy. "Suits. To the right. Looks like Pierce’s men."

Amy gave a sideways glance. “Crap.”

"I have an idea."

"And that is?"

Ian reached for her hand and tugged her along. “Run!”

Đi lờm về mệt, cái người iu kể chuyện cho nghe. Câu chuyện như sau:

[10:29:40 PM | Iam: ng iu thích ăn nho
[10:29:51 PM] Iam: nhà có nho mỹ
[10:29:56 PM] Iam: mà ng iu k thích vỏ
[10:30:09 PM] Iam: nên ng iu phải lột vỏ khi ăn nho
[10:30:16 PM] Iam: mà ng iu rất lười lột vỏ
[10:30:24 PM] Iam: nên mỗi ngày ăn dc 5 trái nho


Review of “Luz e Sombra” by Iamí on Black Metal & Brews, a website committed to the appreciation of extreme music and craft beer.

This one’s super weird but totally worth the time. Super raw black metal with some great leads for a few of the tracks. Beautifully crafted dungeon synth for a couple of the others. In whole, a solid release.

I’m still unpacking from my move and finishing gathering things from my old place, so this will probably be all I post for a little bit.

1. It’ve been a very long, tired and happy day :) Somehow, it still feels kinda empty at some point. Because it isn’t right, is it?

2. Hoi An and Ngu Hanh Son are so fun to get to know. I haven’t known how much I’ve missed until today. These’re such nice places to travel to.

3. The look on your face’s still lingering on my mind. You know, you’re not good at control your facial expressions, and today’s no different.. What is it? Sad? Tired? Disappointed? Struggling? Regret? I don’t know what is it and maybe I will never know.. I can’t do anything about it anymore..

I miss you, miss talking to you, and we miss us, too.. :)