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The eight year old girl’s eyes widened in fear and awe.Two-Face!What the heck was going on? What was up with Batman’s rogue gallery visiting Storybrooke all of a sudden. Her hands shook just a bit. Raising one in a little wave, she managed a soft greeting, “Uh, hi, sir.”

Dance in the Pale Moonlight [Harvey + Talia]
It was the night of the Midsummer’s Night Charity Ball and many of Gotham’s wealthy elite were there to wine, dine, dance, and give some of the spoils of their wealth away. The Gotham City Botanical Garden’s looked magical in the light of the moon with twinkling lights strung through-out the party and the floral scent of nature wafting through the air. Talia was three wearing a ankle-length gown that clung to her curves, dipping low in the front to reveal a tantalizing amount of cleavage. Instead of hanging off the arm of a wealthy man, she seemed to be interested in the actual plants around and was studying some of the rare desert plants that were on display.
Dent and Ryan

While searching for my own abandoned building to call home, I notice an old theater. PERFECT! I bet there’s a balcony and everything! I try the door. nothing. i push hard, nothing. “humph”. I spit in my hands and rub them together. My eyes Glow bright pink and I merely touch the doors. they fly off with a boom and land on the other side of the theater in a cloud of pink dust. “Yikes, need to work on that.” I walk in to check the place out.

Jonathan sat in silence at the back of cafeteria, his lunch set before him completely ignored for the book in his hands. It was yet another he had ‘borrowed’ from his granny’s library… Well, it could not rightly be called her library for she found very little use for it, and gained even less pleasure from it (it it was at all possible for her to do such things). Perhaps that made it his library and no one had bothered to inform anyone yet? The thought of an entire library belonging to him almost made him smile.Almost…

Jervis hid beneath the bleachers, one hand clutches his hat to his head and the other pressed to his nose in an attempt to staunch the blood. Why did they have to be so unkind? All of them… He just wanted to be friends. He was quite sure that if they ever truly gave him a chance many of them would see the error of their ways and immediately befriend him. But they wouldn’t… Why would they? If he could make them, maybe? But that was stupid… Just a pipe dream.

Dent and Ryan, once again
Stone approaches the theater. “hmm, nice door.” Stone knocks on the door.


There was silence for a few long moments before the door opened, and one of Harvey’s men stood in the doorway, hand on the knob. He just stared at Ryan in silence.

“evening.” Stone looks at the man. “Dent is expecting me.”

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You’re the second Harv I’ve met.  You know what’s gonna happen now?  We’re gonna stand here for a minute, and you’re gonna just sit back and appreciate the endless number of puns I am not making right now.   ForsoothI am a veritable pillar of self-restraint.  Feel free to be awed, amazed, generally impressed, and to throw your underwear at my feet.

I promise not to tell anyone if they’re Batman underoos.


Harvey had offered to provide Eric lodging while he was in Gotham City, and because he was out of his own place and time the Phantom had agreed - after all, being alone in a strange city that was so different from his own was more than a little disconcerting. He would be provided full food and lodging, tucked into one of the bigger guest rooms with it’s own attached bath, and Harvey had promised to make his transition to this time period as easy as possible.

The modern types of vehicles alone had been enough to make Harvey’s guest uneasy, but he’d settled in remarkably quickly once the dark Cadillac had shuttled him from the park to the theater hideout. They now stood in the lobby, grand vaulted ceilings with dark curtains hanging from the rafters. To their right, after coming in through the glass double door entrance, was a fully stocked bar. Directly in front of them was a short stairwell that led up to a landing, the stairs splitting up in either direction, and an enormous wall-scroll of the Phantom of the Opera adorned the wall there.

To their left, in the middle of the lobby, was a small circle of leather seats (sofas and chairs alike) around a marble table. Along the far left wall were two doorways - one leading into a kitchen and meeting/lunch room area on the same level, the other leading to stairs that led up to the next floor. At the corner where the left and back walls met were two large restrooms, and other smaller wall scrolls hung on the walls elsewhere. “Welcome to my home.”