iamhappilyeverafton replied to your photo: I may be smiling but it’s 60 degrees outside and…

lol That looks like my “It’s so hot I’m dyin’ in here” smile too. But you’re cute as always, dear!

it looks like your “it’s so hot I’m dyin in here” face becasue it’s my “it’s so hot i’m dying in here” face. it’s so beautiful out i just wanna go lay outside

but i have so much homework

so no beuno 

iamhappilyeverafton replied to your post: Is that you riding??? .Or a lesson you were teaching..?

Well, about the pink part You can actually do that with Kool-Aid and it doesnt hurt them. Or is it more that pink isnt allowed in competitions? *clueless*

I know for a fact that she dyes that pony pink of like a 2 week basis, not with kool-aid. You just DO NOT do that at all ever. It’s a disservice to the horse. There is a lot more going wrong in that photo than that pony being dyed pink too…