After going to an audition last night, I saw how nice everyone were and I felt my faith in humanity slowly being restored but then it just crumbled away after hearing a group of girls being extremely racist in class earlier today.

This one girl was ranting to her friends about a person that she encountered and these were the following words that I heard from her: “’…why are you even here? Please go back to your country! Why are you gonna bother arguing with me when you can’t even speak English properly? This is my country, go to back China and leave my country!’”

It makes me really angry and upset when I heard this and I know that I can’t change the fact that there will always be racist people out there but will it harm them if they respect other people’s cultures? Would it give them pain if they stop being rude and ignorant? How could they not understand that if they keep up with what they are doing, some people will literally start being insecure and ashamed of their culture. How would they feel if that happened to them?

I just want everyone to know that no matter what race you are, never be ashamed of where you were from because you can never change who you are and they will always be ignorant people out there that will try and put you down. I understand that it’ll be hard to ignore them but just smile and be proud.