I was challenged by rangerdeon (Who, um, you should all follow- especially if you’re a fan of video games and on point complaints about the hospitality industry.) to select five photos of myself in which I felt sexy. I’m big on interpretation- therefore, I’ve decided sexy really means beautiful. Hence, have five pictures of me in which I feel beautiful. <3

There are these rules about this- apparently I’m supposed to tag people to do the same. Let’s have the following- and, of course, please feel free to ignore if you’re uncomfortable, it’s just that I have really pretty friends.

abbyluna, bravebattalion, iamdover, realpaynetrain, liggytheauthoress, headlinesdontsellpapes, racetrackshiggins, phantomkat813, sassmastermaximoff, and flashstache

That’s more than my allotted 5 people. HA. I’m a rebel.

iamdover  asked:

I'm pretty sure I've died a thousand times since seeing the driven to extremes promo. I had to share that with you.

I KNOW RIGHT??? I’ve gone completely crazy too, no kidding, I’m fangirling like I haven’t for ages. The combination of overjoyed/carefree/boyish/too-funny/hot-as-sin Henry, the sweet guys’ companionship/friendship in the open wild and the dreamy adventurous travelling is so heady, I can’t even… I haven’t been so excited about anything Henry for a long time, this is so freaking awesome. Thanks for your message hun! :)))

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12 - the Boozies (this should be good) ;)

(this poor child…)

It was unlikely they said. It wouldn’t happen they said. 

They could say that all the way to the bank, but that wouldn’t keep the four girls rushing after their best friend on the way to the maternity ward. 

They’d waited–who knew why they really waited, besides the fact that they’d been watching Newsies and eating tacos (hey, the labor pains could’ve been mistaken for gas, Baillie -had- had a lot of beans that evening…)–and now they were paying the price for it. She screamed and gave inhuman growls to rival the devil, demanding that someone remove the baby -immediately-. Seeing their friend in such a tizzy was making it hard for the other women to keep their cool.

“Get it out of her, get it out of her!” Abby cried, reaching to hold her friend’s hand, wishing she could bring her comfort. “Where’s the doctor??”

“The nurse said the doctor would be by any moment–seriously, just calm down, people have babies every day.” Rachel said, being her usual logical-fairy self. 

“Calm down?? CALM DOWN?? My vagina feels like I’m passing a clown car–I DON’T LIKE CLOWNS.” Baillie nearly arched off the bed they’d dropped her on. She didn’t recall hearing in Sex Ed that man + woman = cannonball.

Jessica moved from the room and into the hall in her attempt to locate the doctor, and breezed back into the room-her fifth repetition. “He’ll dope you up soon enough–as soon as he gets off his ass and gets here, anyway." 

"There are other babies to deliver and an elevator to take up–it’ll be okay!” Rachel said, attempting to keep calm. 

“NO BABIES ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN A BAILLIE BABY.” Juni shouted, grasping Baillie’s other hand as Abby moved to join Jessica in her search for the doctor, as though searching him out would speed him along.

“EXCUSE ME, SIR…” Abby shouted, moving after an aide, “WE ARE MISSING A DOCTOR. GO -GET- ONE.” She demanded, cutting the young aide off before he stammered that he didn’t know where her doctor was. Before the aide could run off, though, the doctor in question swooped into the room, sanitized and ready to go.

“How dilated is she? Are we ready here?” The doctor asked, moving to take position. In response, Baillie gave an almost inhuman scream, causing Juni to join her as she squeezed her friend’s hand tight enough to almost break it. 

“Fair enough.” The doctor muttered. “Alright, Baillie, I need you to try and breathe normally, okay? Now -push-…”

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awe there are PLENTY of OCs I love and adore and have so many good feelings towards!!!

lol, all the Union ones seem amazing. Just, people don’t normally like them, you know? It’s irritating, because some of the most prevalent OCs (unfortunately) are kind of Mary Sue esque, so it’s hard to trudge through the depths and find a good OC for someone. Which is why I just make them up, myself. XD

iamdover  asked:

I'm sure it's not your birthday in Greece anymore but it's still your birthday in NYC so HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thank you for the many wonderful Henry graphics/gifs/everything/being an excellent person to fangirl with!I hope your birthday was lovely!!

Hey my girl!! I’m so happy to see you, it’s been a while, missed you! :))

Thank you so much for the wishes! Well, I haven’t gone to bed yet though it’s 5am here now (oh shit) so it’s practically still Tuesday and it’s still my birthday, lol!

And thank you for your lovely words! Coming from an awesome person and a huge-mega-super Henry fan like yourself, those words are priceless really. You’re such a doll, and you’ve been such a steady good friend for a very long time time now. And fangirling with you, oh man, that’s a blast! ;DD

Thanks for your message and for being here, J! Be well, sweetie! :)) <333 xox

(For you I have a special gif, coz I know the special innocent way your little mind works, so I’m guessing this is what you hoped for. See? Charles is pleased with ya. Heh heh ;D)

Questions from Lolahardy
Questions! Tagged by Lolahardy

Rule 1: Post the Rules.

Rule 2: Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post then make 11 new ones.

Rule 3: Tag 11 People and Link them to your post.

Rule 4: Let them know you tagged them.

Questions from Lolahardy

1. Do you like foot massages?

I never had one, plus I am quite ticklish…BUT I did have an ex boyfriend try and I just shoed him away (no pun intended lol)

2. Why do you hate oatmeal raisin cookies?

I actually don’t!! lol I LOVE THEM! I love the ones the old bakery I use to work make.

3. Wendy’s or McDonalds?

Well Wendy’s isn’t as close to me and I usually have McDonalds near by and we (friends, etc) just result to McDonalds

4. If neither, then which fast food do you like?

I will say…I LOVE 5 Guys Cajun Fries!!! OMG THE BEST THING EVERRRR!!

5. Allergic to anything?

I had a short term allergy to popcorn lol but it was something in that specific popcorn bag that gave me an allergy…so pretty much nothing.

6. Do you like high heels?

4 inch the shortest (depending on the shoe I will go 3 if the situation calls for it)…I like my babies HIGH

7. Are leggings acceptable as pants?

Depending on what kind of material it is and the style of leggings…my aztec printed leggings I wear as pants sometimes.

8. What’s your favorite candy?

OHHHHHH….that’s hard, I LOVE CANDY in general, but I REALLY love Malted Balls aka Whoppers.

9. How do you sleep? (I.E On your side, on your back, on your tummy)

it’s usually a mix of on my side and my tummy.

10. Toe socks. Yay or nay?

I had a pair when I was really young, and I never had another pair since then so…I guess yay?

11. What kind of cheese do you like?

NOM NOM NOM!!!! Dominican cheese(Both Tropical and Island made), Mozzerella, Sharp Cheddar….I just love cheese, I keep listing for ages.


1. If E! offered you the chance for a reality show…take it or leave it?

2. Have you ever written Fan Fiction, (especially smut lol) etc?

3. Your Favorite Bar?

4. Your Most embarrassing story?

5. What’s on your playlist (top 10)?

6. What’s on your bookshelf (or top 5 recommended books)?

7. Do you have a catchphrase?

8. What’s the last movie you watched?

9. If you could have a movie made about your life, what actor would play you in your biopic?

10. Worst Injury you’ve had?

11. Do you believe “Winter is Coming”?