My #MCM 5 years ago around this time I decided to make my move to Atlanta. People told me I wouldnt make it…. I would be back in a few months and so on and so on. I never focus on negativity but it just dawned on me when people are comfortable in NOTHING they want you to be the same. I THANK GOD for GROWTH, MERCY & FAVOR. These past the 4 years and 7 months I have Endured Almost Everything a Human being can encounter from having EVERYTHING to losing EVERYTHING and now getting EVERYTHING back! GOD had truly been Good to me…I had lost my way… I lost my Bestfriends of (13) (10) & (7) years… I lost my passion…..I lost my mind…..I Iost ME…….I gave up my Salon…I wanted to GO HOME….but When I thought of The Goodness of Jesus and ALL THAT HE HAD DONE FOR ME…..I can say I MADE IT….You cant be Successful until you grow from your Past… You can’t move forward until you let go…..and You cant move Forward until you smile at your Past from Your Future. GROWTH HURTS BUT with GOD I can do ALL things…..The Guy on this picture has been thru Everything and in the midst of Losing Everything He NEVER lost his PRAISE……. STAY ENCOURAGED, BE BLESSED AND KNOW THAT GOD IS STILL THE AUTHOR AND FINISHER OF OUR FAITH ~IamDontezLove~ #IamDontezLove (at Bahnhof Kindsbach)

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