Solange - Lovers in the Parking Lot

I am kind of fascinated by this song, especially the rhythm in which she sings the verses.  At first I thought it was just catchy, but after further analysis I realized that it is almost entirely iambic.  As follows:

(audible breath) Left your heart behind when I laid eyes and said I’m up and done
The young just live and don’t look back or wait for anyone

I couldn’t help but think of a certain phrase of Shakespeare (because who doesn’t think of him with iambs) from Romeo and Juliet (I don’t know why this particular phrase, but it works in my head) that I can imagine her singing in this rhythm (I have altered the line breaks to fit her pattern since her song is not in pentameter):

O, be some other name! What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet; So Romeo

You have to imagine the words being spoken at the same speed as her as well, with the second lines delivery being slightly faster, with a slightly different cadence.

After this, of course, Solange changes up her rhythm for a few lines before returning to such a steady, iambic rhythm.  Looking at Shakespeare, the lines could be edited to fit her rhythm, but I just liked the way they seem to fit together.  I like the idea of a Shakespearean play being done in the style of this song and what she does on her EP.

Wrote a Valentine's poem while working retail at 10pm

I love to help out handsome guys
With big, brown beards
And bright, blue eyes.
I catch their gaze and find a prize
With whom I’d spend my life.

Undressing him inside my mind,
His big, brown beard
Entwines with mine…
My daydream halts as I help find
Some chocolates for his wife.

I do not want to be the kind of friend
who only calls you with a new request.
I want to be a friend you can depend
on, one who’ll help you be and feel your best.
I want your love and trust to be deserved;
I want your compliments to be the truth;
I want your health and happiness preserved;
I want to look back later at our youth
and feel all warm and fuzzy thinking of
the friendship we have shared however long,
and know that I’ve done justice to a love
that kept me right when so much else was wrong.
So, please, if there is anything you need,
don’t hesitate to ask as much of me.
—  “Unsung”
After the Storm

foreboding dark clouds roll on through her eyes
    oppressive shadows flicker ‘cross her face
the calm before the storm I would surmise
     will soon give way as rain clouds fill the space

the floodgates of her mournful eyes will break
     in salty raindrops falling from above
a streaking rambling trail on cheeks they make
     the sadness welling in her soul of love

but just as suddenly as it appeared
    the troubled look has passed - a smile breaks through
with beaming countenance my heart endeared  
     her cloudless eyes now brightly shine anew

I  know the reason for this sudden change     
twas but the softest kiss we did exchange

These damn musical theatre kids are always in the lounge

It’s a student lounge. I’m trying to lounge. Calm your asses down with that singing. If I could get wifi anywhere else, I would. But until then, I’m like 

But these bitches don’t know what quiet is, so I have to repeat myself in some kind of simple pattern until they get it.

But they don’t understand anything not set to iambic pentameter. 

Bastion, or I Wish This Were Actually About Somebody

It is like the Infinite Architect
Spent all his energy on your blueprint.
With perfect revetment and parapet,
All lines loophole and form a carotid.

I spy your dog-legged geometries,
Coming full circle at a single cusp,
Your outer walls are beautiful chemise,
Not besmirched by weapons nor by Time’s rust.

And on the inside, with arch after arch
To walk through just to sit in the great hall,
I’d lead no less than all my men to march
For a tiny glimpse of your corniced walls.

You’ve proven how mighty your fortress is,
Now I implore you, let down your drawbridge.

She’s amber waves
and cloud-soft skin;
she smells and tastes
like nectar. In
the cool and softness
of her sheets,
a warm and costless
shudder meets
the creeping kindness
of her hands,
like gentle vines. This
shudder lands
just underneath
her collarbone,
a falling leaf
feels less alone,
and she’s the light,
and she’s the sky,
and it’s all right
if she and I
are tangled up
like creeping vines,
for I am hers,
and she is mine.
—  “She Calls Me Wildflower”
Once Upon A Time...

Once upon a time, I wrote things that people would read.

I would write for newspapers. I would write for classes. I would write horrible fanfiction for LiveJournal groups and The Pit of Voles and Gaia and anyplace online that would have me.

Now I write for my job, but nothing that means anything, nothing of substance.

What good is it to write if you can’t even use the word “obliterate” in the details? I miss my iambic, my euphemism, my personification. I wrote a whole case summary in as an alliterative-running-trochee just to see if I could do it. I find synonyms for words like “short;” “explain;” and “said.” I turned off every spelling and grammar aid on my work PC and I still can’t fight this feeling that I am losing every bit of writing prowess I ever might have claimed to be in my possession.

I am drawing again. But I need to start writing again.

Soooo…should I write more fanfiction?? ~:D

An Ode to 2011 (by me)

Inspired young who shape magnific ends

Go forth to meet their journeys, still untold.

And while they render tears from loyal friends,

Their mentors sob, emotions uncontrolled. 

The clouds which swept across the field in threat

Were shone upon by God’s majestic light.

Expected rain contained till gath’ring’s end

Has shown that good shall stand to win the fight. 

A mesh of blue and gold that prospers forth,

This class of great integrity and strife,

Must march unto these years of brilliant worth

And strain to live the mighty wolv’rine life. 

A class so unified in selfless heart

Now learns that story’s end is but its start.


A representative from SM Entertainment confirmed yesterday at a press conference for KCON that f(x)’s rumored comeback will take place in a post-apocalyptic steampunk Shakespearean setting.

According to the rep, the musical arrangement has been described as bluegrass neo-soul electropop accompanied by Gregorian chants.

To honor the Shakespearean setting, the bridge has been written entirely in iambic pentameter.

Following the reveal, rumors that the setting will be modeled after Macbeth quickly began to circulate online, with many predicting a guest appearance from SHY as the Wyrd Sisters.

Edit: This post is fake.

(Source: KpopStarz)


I think of all the things we never shared
and memories that we have never made
no quiet moment when our souls we bared
beneath the starry skies we never laid

no warm wet kisses of a long goodbye
no sweet embrace upon a safe return
we never shared a soft contented sigh
nor felt the flaming fire of passion burn

but though we may have missed so many things
and unfulfilled our dreams we never caught
my broken heart with sorrow always sings
declares the truth for which it should have fought

with tear-filled eyes I share why I am sad
you are the best thing that I never had

Robert Frost, a poet, once wrote....

“that sometimes trying to write poetry outside of "iambic pentameter” is like driving “without a steering wheel.”“

Well Mr. Frost… now days, trying to write with iambic pentameter is like trying to drive with the steering lock still on. Good day Robert.

Submissioner kesepuluh: First Flower After Flood (Solo, Jawa Tengah)

Eksistensi sudah tercium sejak 14 February 2003 di salah satu scene “Underground” terbesar di Indonesia, yaitu Surakarta. Komposisi musik yang mereka bawakan bisa terbilang unik, bahkan sudah sangat jarang kalian temukan band-band semacam mereka di bumi pertiwi.

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