so renae came out to her family and well her family or mainly her parents werent very supporting. in order to stay in the school of her dreams she has to give up many things. one of them being her internet privileges. so i will be here to blog sit for her. she will be able to go on her blog when ever she comes over. so ya know just understand that if her blog content seems a bit weird its me trying to figure out what should go on her blog! (please forgive me if i reblog homestuck) but yeah! that is all.  

vegasstuck panelist please check in!

okay so heres the dealio! i really need everyone to check in! ya know, post somethings on the vegasstuck panel blog! who you are, your name, what your interest are! try becoming friends with everyone! if you have an idea for the panel please tell us about it! we would love to hear! our panel is being moved to sabakon! mmk, hope to here from you soon!