Ignorant fucks

I don’t understand how you can live with yourself. You guys are ignorant fucks that deserved to get slapped across the fucking face. Do you understand the people you hurt with the rumors you start. You think its cool & its funny. NIGGA MAN THE FUCK UP. No one deserves shit from anybody. So if you don’t like that person get over it, odds are they don’t give a fuck about you either. This shit got me so heated. Chin up bro, put on your idgaf face, and brush that shit off.

good night :)

I had so much fun today! Going to the Tumblr meet up which was pretty darn successful :D

Won the first piggy back ride, but then my partner dropped me on the second one ): LOL

Met cool & wicked nice people like @tylerrjvi, @iambasedjay, @jenellesaywhaaat, @projectjdm, @garyhaze, @13eenx, & a lot more that I might not have the url’s of atm.

Saw some people I haven’t seen in forever! @mphung, @photographyishype, @swagfreshoriginal.

Spent time w. my broskis Danny, Victor & Gabbby<3

Saw a huge group of protesters saying “Stop the war & tax the rich!”

Then went to support my bestesttt friend @raininthecity for his marching band show which won FIRST PLACE :D I’m proud of you!!