Maypole Layer Cake by Amanda Rettke of the blog, ‘I Am Baker’

This lovely cake has colorful layers of frosting inside that will delight anyone who sees it!

I just LOVE this cake from Amanda’s book “Surprise-Inside Cakes” – buy the bookHERE

From Amanda: “I love maypoles. Something about the idea of laughing children dancing around holding ribbons just makes me smile. That and the fact that for some reason they remind me of my favorite movie ever, Pride and Prejudice. There are no maypoles in Pride and Prejudice, by the way. But there’s hunky Mr. Darcy. And long, meaningful glances. And breathless declarations of undying love. All before the first kiss. *Sigh* What was I talking about again? Oh, yes. Cake.”

Get the recipe and how-to HERE


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