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1. Wildest fantasy?

I don’t have one, I’m surprised too

2. Reason/Meaning behind your tumblr handle?

Some people told me to make a tumblr, I didn’t want to, but I lost the battle

3. Your favorite thing that you do just for yourself?

Create Histories just for fun

4. Short or Long Hair?(on your partner of choice)


5. A fictional character you relate to the most? Why?

Brittany, because like her I’m judged over my personality, so… yeah

6. Ever traveled outside your country of origin?

No, I really want to, but first I’ll meet Brazil

7. What is the earliest memory you have?

I was 3 or 4, I wake up and ran to the kitchen

8. What’s on your iPod(MP3) shuffle right now?

Nothing, I’m not hearing anything

9. You’re trapped on an island and your only source of getting back to civilization is through Snooki or Justin Beiber.. which one would you rely on to help you?

Snooki, but can’t I just kill myself?

10. Are you religious?

No, I’m atheist

11. Post one thing about yourself that you don’t think anyone else knows about you..

When I was 11 my IQ were 135

My Questions:

1. Biggest fear

2. Biggest dream

3. If you could visit any country in the world, where would you go?

4. Favourite TV show as a kid?

5. What was favourite toy when you were a kid?

6. Role model?

7. Do you have any special talents?

8. Describe yourself in three words

9. If you had only 24 hours left to live, What would you do?

10. Something you would change if you had the choice?

11. Do you like bananas?

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#GrowingUpAt42 #LaughingAtChildhood …. In kindergarten, I had the biggest crush on this little boy named Lawrence. I was taller than him, louder, smarter and apparently I gave the poor child anxiety attacks. Until one day, our parents were both picking us up late and I turned around and said “I’m just pushy because I’m really great. I have a lot of greatness bottled up in me.” He laughed and then he said, you are not so scary after all. Then he told me I had a big spirit. Eventually, he would stop being anxious and one day he called me his girlfriend. At the end of the year, I cornered him in the coat closet and kissed him. My dad busted me. When I looked back, he was giggling. At that point, I knew I would always be a “fire cracker” of some sort. Simply put, I’m a lot of woman, a lot to handle and I need a guy with a big persona, big spirit, big heart and big mind to keep up with me. Not going to settle for less than that ever again. #MommyFab #EfabulousHB #MyReboundWasHell #IAmAwesome #AwesomeSince1973

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I struggle with negativity. I can have a really rough time at staying positive. A person can be rude to me and it will bother me for days. I get sucked in very easily. I also replay old stuff over and over on a loop. For years I have tried to run from these thoughts but it never worked for long. I am now trying to be more positive. I try to forgive where applied, the other person or myself. I try to send positive thoughts out. I try to be thankful for the good in the world. The last few days have been a struggle with this but I am getting better at it. Cause #iamawesome 😊