Neon Glittery and Iamaparty Present: Facepaint Is Something To Live Up To

You have a cork? Burn it and rub it on your face. Now you have a painted face. How does it feel? Do you feel the power? Join Mike Bushnell (www.iamaparty.com) and Neon Glittery (http://neonglittery.com/) in a night reveling, celebrating, wearing, and taking advantage of face paint. Neon will bring the colour of life right onto her cheek streaks, and Bushnell promises to sport the traditional warpaint of his tribe. Bring your own facepaint. Bring your painted, glowing brain. We will read litterature, talk about famous moments in facepaint history, and feature historical facepainted figures. Don’t miss the special rendition of lines from Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center in honor of Patriot’s Day! Don’t miss the sounds of screaming coming from open mouths! Don’t miss this tribute to facepaint in all of it’s forms! Horray! 


join us here : : : : : —> TINYCHAT.com/IAMAPARTY <——–  : : : : :