Les Mis Gif Challenge!

Your 49th gif is you in prison.

Your first gif is the person who will hunt you for the rest of your life.

Your 20th gif is your reaction when you discover you’re not free.

Your last gif is you deciding to become a good man.

Your 12th gif is what your colleagues think about you.

Your 35th gif is your profession after you’re fired.

Your 22nd gif is you and your enemy meeting after a long time.

Your 41st gif is what’s happening in a tavern.

Your 2nd gif is you adopting a child.

Your 55th gif is you fighting for Revolution.

Your 18th gif is you falling in love with a stranger.

Your 44th gif is the object of your love.

Your 36th gif is you realizing you’re friendzoned.

Your 10th gif are your friends fighting with you.

Your 29th gif is what your friends think about your cause.

Your 8th gif is the first who dies.

Your 52nd gif is you during the battle.

Your 40th gif is what your friend does to save your life.

Your 37th gif is you at your marriage

Your 6th gif is you dying.

This could come out better.