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Okay this is a Doctelle/Custelle (Michelle, Tenth, and Custy) video based on the RPs of the-tenth-will-see-you-now, from-human-to-timelord, and goodmenhavenorules. iam-theinterfector also makes a few second appearances as well (I think it’s easy enough to tell when it’s the Interfector lol)

Okay SO!! This blog is almost four months old and I’m nearly at 700 followers, and I just?! I LOVE every single one of you so much!! Thank you all for your support and encouragement! And omg your acceptance of my Ramsay? Has been so amazing! Ramsay appreciates you okay. As much as he’s able. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate each and every one of you! So here’s a long overdue bias list of everyone I’ve RPed with, become friends with, and have just been a joy to see on my dash!! I LOVE YOU ALL KEEP BEING AMAZING!

Babes Ramsay and I love more than life itself and wouldn’t flay even if paid. I adore you guys so SO much and I love you, okay? Like wow you’re amazing, and you mean a lot to me. You guys are my not just partners, but my friends and ily a lot!

@twiicetheheart @the-tenth-will-see-you-now @goodmenhavenorules @thetimeladyandthetardis @theagentturnedwanderer @timelordcurse @snxwbornbvstard @winterfellswolfqueen @iam-theinterfector @distrcss @thewhxtewolf @ladyalinabolton @littlelannisterlion

Babes I adore the hell out of and need more of in my life like immediately. Your blogs are AMAZING, your muses are amazing, and I will follow you forever, and I just honestly love you so much! Let’s RP more immediately. Like PLS.

@cerseilionesslannister @zaldrizotresy @zaldrizotala @oftarth @ixto @areliasawthestarsand @royalsadist @vengefulhonor @neverxsnow @neitherknightnorlady @ofporcelain @rosereigned @davosshorthand @watcherandshield @conqueror-of-lemoncakes @redwhitedread @afuriousstag @roosebxltxn @agirlingrey @jonxsnxw @wcrg @captaiinharkness

omg and JUST I ADORE the hell out you guys so much! I see you on my dash and I just LOVE seeing each and every one of you! I want to RP more with all of you and just get to know you better, okay? Your blogs are amazing!!

@lordofthewatch @dishonoredbear @nottobecrossed @incissam @porcelaiinblondie @tvrcll @cruciatusxamator @bearmaiiden @wildmoored @five-guns-days @thefxnger @themanthatlies @theta-x @ask-xi  @brokcnidentity @almostqueensansa @starkmatriarch @coldhonovr @vxlpiine @kraujodrakonas @pureironking @wolf-queen-named-stark @vezhvensajak @herunfailingkindness @longmayshereign-cersei @defenderofthegrove @propheticwolf @mithraiic @iindomitvs @xviperinae @rabbitharts @secxndstark @theevergreenman @theusurper @lxstbirds @louvereine @thedragoninthesnow @flayersdaughter @georgerrrmartin @worshipsonlydeath @melodyandpond @thesiilverqueen @nothingxdauntedxher @predative @rhacgal @the-knife-with-an-edge @pureheroiism @flxbber @trigger-and-wings

an-ni-ver-sary /ˌanəˈvərsərē /

This humble little blog was started on the 2nd of June 2013 on a whim. Someone was giving away the url “ask-claraoswald” and I just said “to hell with it” and tried it out. I’ve been here practically every single day since then. A year later, I am writing this in thanks – TO YOU.

I am grateful for you, dear friend, for I now no longer know what life is without you in it. What fate may say for the future, I do not know, but for right now – I am grateful to know you, to have known you, and I wish you nothing but every happiness. I write this now to thank you – all of you – for simply being and that will always be more than enough. A year is so little time in the long run but you are precious to me. Whether we have spoken at length or hardly or not at all, I am deeply humbled and utterly grateful to have had the unique privilege and honour of knowing you. 

I wish to take this opportunity to simply thank you. You, who has been here from the very beginning. You, who may have just known of me now. I am and will always be incredibly grateful that you are here.

abrideoffire apaidprice apaisleygirl alieninabowtie beautifulbraveheart because-i-choose-to biochemisted bixchemist bitchoswald bluntxinstrument bowtied c1araoswa1d chinsandcustard claraosity constantquibbling corpys concussum creatingandestroying decayingtimelord decidue dedxctions doublethemystery dorsiachainsaws empressium empathd enchantedclara erueswan feiistypants ferropuellae ferocitersubtilis forsakenvows from-human-to-timelord fxrtyfive galaxyxdoctor goodmenhavenorules herunfailingkindness hesalreadydeadinside honorablepirate iam-theinterfector iamthegoodson icescarred idrxs infiinitus interficientque iprefertotext ipsxm kovotojas 

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caveat: there is every possibility that i have forgotten to cite possibly a lot of people on here and i cannot be sorry enough. but know that i am and will always be grateful for you still.

                     On Saturday, October 19th 2013 I created this blog.
                     I remember being so terrified about it. What if I failed?
                     What if I couldn’t find any partners? What if people
                     didn’t like my writing? I remember being told to
                     cut my posts, I remember the terrible writing I
                     started out with. I remember the horrible URL I
                     thought was so cool. I remember when everyone
                     switched from huge space eating gifs to icons.
                     I’ve seen many blogs come and go. I’ve had my
                     fair share of friends. My fair share of enemies.
                     Thirteen months later, here I am at 1787 followers
                     when just last month I was at 1500. This past year
                     has had ups and downs.
                     Drama? I’ve seen it all.  Bullshit?
                     Yeah, I could tell you stories. None of that matters,
                     none of that compares to the wonderful people
                     I’ve met and the friends I’ve made and the stories
                     we’ve written together. Without further ado,
                               I’d like to proudly present to you
                                                            my bias list.

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bethedrunkgiraffe - I unfortunately haven’t had the pleasure to roleplay with them yet, but I have had their posts appear on my dash and their interpretation of the Doctor is absolutely brilliant!

cxnturion - Dah Rory is amazaballs and you should follow them! I’ve roleplayed with them on various accounts and they just rule. 


faceofelevenThis person right here is amazing and a brilliant roleplayer! And they play both the Cyberplanner and Eleven and they are ace at both! Follow them cos asdfghjk! Just do eeeet

checkyour-recordsagain - This River right here is awesome and cool, and have a really great grip on how to play River, so follow them and stuff!

trust-theplasticI love this cute little plastic amazing roleplayer! They are great and brilliant and fantastic!

idlegossipandarchaeology - I haven’t roleplayed with this River yet, but their interpretation of River is absolutely brilliant. 

theeleventh-raggedydoctor - This right here is one of my longest roleplay buddies and they are amazing! They also play Dean at impalasboy and they are great at them too! Just follow them and see what I mean!

short-and-bossy - I haven’t roleplayed with them long, but they are one of the best Clara’s that I’ve seen around! They just sort of get the character and it’s fun to roleplay with them. 

pinstripespaceman - I love this Ten! You must follow this Ten because they are supermegafoxyawesomehot!

yesscarfgirl - This person! Is a must follow because they are brilliant and amazing and wonderful to talk to and roleplay with!

talk-to-superwholock - This person is just all around amazing and brilliant at whoever they want and choose to roleplay as! 

—–Other peoples———————

alieninabowtie actualproperclara affirmative alwayswantstobeamartyr alsosparticus amysbloke ameliasrory amysdiaries apinkandyellowgirl pinkxandxyellow ariverrunsthroughtime assbutt-stealing-thetardis 


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Just because you arent here doesn’t mean I don’t think you should be followed. You are all amazing and brilliant and terrific, but some blogs don’t appear when I try and tag them- hence I can’t easily get your name here. But keep going cos you’re absolutely fantastic!

The-tenth-will-see-you-now’s Follow Forever 


Okay, I finally finished it. It’s about time I made a proper Follow Forever. My other one is rubbish. But omg, thank you everyone for getting me to 10,000 followers. You’re all amazing and I love you!


* in front of URL means literal BFF.

Bold - People that I am close to and trust on and off of Tumblr, either that or I love them an insane amount on Tumblr.

Italic - Personal favourite blogs

Everyone else - Amazing blogs I will follow forever.


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    ωну ѕнσυℓ∂ ι αρσℓσgιzє ƒσя тнє мσηѕтєя ι'νє вє¢σмє 
ωнєη ησ σηє αρσℓσgιzє∂ ƒσя
мαкιηg мє тнιѕ ωαу?
¢αℓℓ мє уσυя ℓα∂у σƒ ѕσяяσωѕ
ι'ℓℓ тαкє уσυя ραιη αη∂ ι'ℓℓ ѕωαℓℓσω ιт ωнσℓє
αη∂ ¢σηѕυмє αη∂ ¢σηѕυмє υηтιℓ тнєяє'ѕ
ησтнιηg ℓєƒт σƒ єιтнєя σƒ υѕ

Here we are again my darlings for a follow forever. I didn’t think I’d get this far. I didn’t think I’d even keep this blog for a while there but look at us. 1100 of you. I decided to keep it shorter this time. This gif took me like a week. So, I hope you like it <3
Another thing:
Bold= I will rp with you until I keel over
Italics= You should probably get a restraining order
I love all of you. <3

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callmethirteen thedoctortwelvethedoctorwhocares

Watch on goodmenhavenorules.tumblr.com

//Quick little video of our plots that I needed to make because FEELS. There are so many feels within these 30 seconds I can’t even. 

Anyway yeah. Featuring: the-tenth-will-see-you-now from-human-to-timelord rebornfromthevoid iam-theinterfector goodmenhavenorules and risingneverfalling

ѕтαя¢яσѕѕє∂ρѕу¢нσραтн'ѕ ƒσℓℓσω ƒ σ я є ν є я

     Here we are again, another milestone and I’ve been here barely four months. So, I want to first say thank you to anyone and everyone who’s stuck with me. I started this blog with very little hope it’d get off of the ground and well, I was proven wrong, and I’m glad I was. There are so many people I’ve spoken to on here that have become very near and dear friends to me.

      So I want to begin by saying if you’re not in this initial list and you’re somewhere below it’s not that I like you any less, It’s more so I don’t know what to say about you.

S N O W F L A K E S ;;

      These are people who rule my Dashboard and I will always stalk read their threads whenever they’re RPing with someone because wow their writing is amazing. Or these are the people who really shine above the rest when it comes to our OOC interactions. 

  • idlegossipandarchaeology I have so much to say about you. First off you’re a wonderful friend, one of the best people I have ever come to know and I’ll never regret once talking to you. You are sweet, and so very kind and hilarious to talk to and plot with. RPing with you has been an honor of mine and I feel so fortunate to have such a lovely RP partner and friend in you. I love you dearly, Lin. P.S. Your River is so rad, I can’t even begin to tell you how rad it is.
  • miss-pond - Hello Queen Cally, you amazing lady you. Seriously, so guys the reason Cally here is a special snowflake is pretty obvious once you see her blog. This is easily one of the greatest Rivers I’ve seen on the site. And I’m super lucky to have this amazing lady as a friend, and someone I can bug talk to every day, Her verses, and pretty much everything are awesome and her portrayal of River is beautiful. Go check her out, not only is her blog rad but she’s a super sweet mun.
  • theoncoming-sass - Sarah. Sarah, what do I say about you? Seriously I have so much I could say and only a paragraph to do it in. So, let me begin by saying thank you for being so wonderful to me as a friend and lifting my mood when I’ve sorely needed it. I don’t forget those little things you did to just make me laugh when I needed to. Your nine is brilliant and I absolutely love you to bits. Completely and utterly wonderful, you and Sunshine both are.
  • hispinkandyellowhuman - Speaking of Sunshine, you are my sunshine, my only sunshine you make me happy when skies are grey– But let me be real here when I say Sunshine is amazing. She’s utterly adorable and can I just say that her Rose is absolutely lovely. Go check out her blog if you don’t believe me. Her writing is absolutely, positively wonderful to read and sometimes I could spend hours on her blog reading stuff from her.
  • themanwhomakespeoplebetter - Okay so I barely know you OOCly, but dear god you’re here because of how utterly brilliant you are. This guys, is one of the best 10’s I’ve come to find on tumblr and dear god I don’t think you understand how much I adore them. Their writing is gorgeous and the brief talks I’ve had with you OOCly have been nothing short of awesome. Seriously, just thank you.
  • the-man-above - HELLO GEMMY BBY, okay so. When I think about an amazing 11 that I was intimidated to RP with at first I think of you. Your blog, you and your writing are some of the best I’ve had the pleasure of seeing on my dashboard. Thank you just for the chance of RPing with you because wow, you’re absolutely amazing. Not to mention I think I invaded to balance all of the dark stuff and angst with fluff (it’s my specialty.)
  • malumnavis - Lulu is a little shit and I love her for it. You want a dark, well-developed character? Look no further than Idris because she’s seriously one of the most batshit crazy female characters I’ve see on the site. And then you talk to Lulu and Lulu is a big sweetheart and I adore her.lots. Mun and Muse are fabulous and if you disagree it’s not my fault if Idris decides to roast you alive or feed you to her fabulous time-lord iam-theinterfector! (Who is also quite amazing, and terrifying. But the mun, who I’ve only begun to talk to is super sweet. ;; <3)
  • doctoroverlord / corruptedpetals - This is Ghost, she is amazing to me for lots of reasons. First off we have the most random conversations about nothing and I always enjoy them. Ghost’s characters here are absolutely wonderful, her Dark!Doctor has an entire world that people could get immersed in for RP. Her Rose is a genius balance of Bad Wolf and Rose Tyler and I just– I love it okay? I love Ghost dearly too, she’s an adorable little qtpi.
  • nooneunimportant - Hello You, you adorable little shit. This is another amazing Eleven that if you don’t follow you’re doing something very wrong with your life. This is such a sweet mun and a lovely 11. They’re definitely worth getting to know if you want to add another person to a list of awesome people on tumblr.
  • bowtied - Hello, yes. So, on the topic of great Elevens, this one here is probably in my top three. Seriously, this blog is fantastic and I am so glad I follow them. The writing they do is absolutely wonderful and to be honest reading their posts is such a joy (because wow writing talent over here). But yeah, absolutely amazing and the mun (from the few times we’ve talked) is absolutely awesome too.
  • romanaofheartshaven - Romana! Okay so, what do I say about this person, especially because we haven’t talked much OOCly. Well, for starters this mun is fabulous from the little bit we’ve talked and they’re superbly talented writer. Not to mention I adore the faceclaim they chose for her. So, anyway, moving on, when it comes to the topic of writing, I wonder if this mun is a professional author or something because talent is staring me in the face via tumblr posts. I unabashedly stalk read their threads.
  • donna-nobis-pacem - Hello, this is my Donna. So, first thing is first I adore Donna’s character more than anyone ever will know. This Donna was the first Donna I followed and when I say I will follow her into the depths of hell and back I will. Her writing, and characterization is absolutely wonderful. She understands Donna’s character and ugh, I could go on forever about how amazing this Donna is. The Mun is a giant sweetheart and oh my god she’s just wonderful. I love talking to her and our conversations are always hilarious.
  • nineandrunning - Bex! Bex was one of the very first people I ever met on tumblr and I will never regret knowing this amazing gal. She runs three blogs, of which I linked this one because it’s the one I’ve always considered her main. ( theshadowofgallifrey , notthetindog ) are her other ones. So, yeah I can’t even profess how hilarious and amazing this gal is and how glad I am to know her. The Characters she plays are wonderful and if you don’t follow her you are missing out on amazing things on your dashboard.
F O L L O W F O R E V E R ;;

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Lucky's Yearaversary Friend Showcase Jamboree
Lucky (The Star Of Space)
Lucky's Yearaversary Friend Showcase Jamboree

//Hello, everyone! So, here’s the Yearaverary / Blogaversary post I promised! It's like a follow-forever, except in audio format! Since I talked about a lot of people, here’s the list under the cut, in order of when I mention them in the audio–along with those who I didn’t mention in the audio (since otherwise, the file would’ve been too big!)

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You can’t prevent this.
You can’t change this.
You can’t fix this.
You will lose everything.
You will become everything you hate.
It’s already begun.
And it’s all your fault.

A mix for the-tenth-will-see-you-now and iam-theinterfector and the Tenth’s descent into darkness.

                 In the end, you’re both the same monster.
                 [ l i s t e n                                 h e r e ]