iam going to love you forever

metaland-dust  asked:

CHELSEA YOU ARE WONDERFUL! alssldkdj we don't deserve such a person like you but thank you for being you and your adorably sweet and dramatic self (btw you're not being dramatic, just self aware and hella sweet!!) hope you're doing well girl, ILY💙💚☀️

AKSJDHSKJFHDSJAKH NO YOU ARE WONDERFUL ITS YALL WHOM I DO NOT DESERVE OKAY!! Iam a whole ass dramatic mess and a half yet here you are loving me the way you do and being so sweet to me when ion deserve  it I'm forever greatful and just wanna do my best to give it all back but im a mess… … Iam doing well my love iam alive and have ppl like you and my amazing followers out here in my life and my kings are back so how can i complain!! I love you so so so so much my dear words can not explain it really i wish i could hug you and never let go i really do