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Right, I'm watching supernatural all over again and my friend pointed out how all demons and angels are just in vessels. So they could be male or female in a different gender body. This could mean that Cas is actually a girl. What are your thoughts?

Admin C:

If the true form of angels are multidimensional wavelengths of celestial intent, then I wouldn’t imagine they have gender in the way that we have gender.  However, I think the angels all have a gender they identify with, which is why they distinguish terms like “brothers” and “sister”.  I think Castiel identifies as male, but without a solidly defined gender, it doesn’t bother him to be in a female vessel as the need arises.  Ultimately, the vessels are just a means to an end.

Admin S:

To a point I think most of the demons and angels chose their vessels. So although angels have no gender because they are not technically humans, demons I think tend to pick their previous genders. For example the Rubys and Megs both chose female vessels because not only were they trying to seduce the boys, I think they were females in a former life. Castiel is not human (except for that brief point he actually was in S9). So as to whether he is male or female, I think that you are complicating it. He has a male vessel and has always had the same vessel. He came onto Earth not knowing anything about humans and all he learned about how to be human was from men. Although he no need for organs or any sexual preference, he has always been considered male to me. On the other hand you have angels like Hannah and Raphael who have been in both male and female vessels so it is up to you to decide.  

Admin L:

I think its very possible! To my understanding, angels are basically genderless, especially in season four when the angels have been in heaven and haven’t walked the earth much in recent years. But I feel that with experience on earth (especially Castiel who has gone back and forth from angel and human) the angels may begin to find identity with a certain gender as they experience life on earth and the beginnings of meaning in life beyond following heaven’s orders. I feel like Castiel happened to take a male vessel, not to mention the fact that his two biggest role models for humanity are male, so I think a lot of his actions (like the sex with April or the not-date with Nora) comes from example from the boys, so I feel like Castiel may identify as male, though I’m not sure if he identifies with a gender at all! Its really hard to say one way or another, unless they address it in canon! 

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