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yay, here comes the scanned version. Today I like the picture more than yesterday. I wanna draw Nang more often with different clothes than usual. Don’t ask me why, I kind of like the glasses xD And omg she wears a hat. Somehow I feel inspired but somehow I can’t seem to draw what I want to. I had an idea since days but when I gave it a try today, something else turned out xD Maybe next time..

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Name: Melissa
Nickname: Mel, Mel- Moo, Baetle, Missy
Birthday: 29th of July
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Height: 5'5
Timezone: Greenwich 
Time and date where you live: 2nd of July; 12:52am
Average hours of sleep: around 6-7 hours nahhh usually less😂
Otps: well yeah i have none
The last thing I googled: Beatles wallpaper iPhone hd
First word that comes to my mind: Smile
What I last said to a family member: Get out of my room Mitch before iake you…😂
One place that makes you happy and why: Abbey Road because I have been neck and fourth between the U.S. And England so many times it just reminds me of home because I live in that district &… I love the Beatles
How many blankets I sleep under: Like five
Last movie I watched in the cinema: I completely forgot
Three things I can’t live without: My Phone, music player, laptop
Something I plan on learning: How to be truly happy
A piece of advice for all my followers: Everybody is beautiful and I think one of the keys to happiness is to just love one another and yourself and please just don’t judge because everybody has their something
You have to listen to this song: North Country but Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash (it’s really folk)
My other blogs: I don’t have any.

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Aaah I drew that quickly into my sketchbook. It’s hand drawn but I colored it digitally because of reaons. One of the reasons is that the pen I used isn’t waterproof.
Oh yeah, do I need to mention that it’s Nang from my comic IAKES? Aaaaaaaaaah and I also gotta draw Rik but I only have ideas for pics with Nang! Whyyyyyyyyy

sketchy stuff. I’ll show you the rest (they actually have bodies) tomorrow. It’s for my fanclub (yeah, I have a very small german fanclub on facebook :p), where there was a voting about what clothing they’d like to see my characters from IAKES in. And the western-style won. That style fits Rik (bottom right) pretty well! I mean, really! He should always wear that xD


And this is how Natalie Martinez reminds me of Nang. I swear Nang was there before I discovered there is a “cuter version” of her called Natalie Martinez. And Nang doesn’t look like her exactly (the nose, body-type and she’s not a latina, more pale and stuff) but…she REALLY reminds me of her. Okay when I look up Google I find many pics that are totally not like Nang but…just look at that!! Oh and there are some pics in the B&W’s I didn’t show u yet. I hope I don’t start fangirling about another actress >_> I mean I adore more female celebs than male I feel kinda weird already O_o

And now imagine Nang smiling ^___^