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wait. hold up. wHAT???????

okay so basically after the premiere of 3B was spent talking about emma and marriage and moving on and having walsh be replaced by hook (aka rejecting the fake guy who didn’t love her in favor of the real guy who did)

they had a line in there tonight reminding us that emma was thinking about getting married

and the promo for next week shows what looks like daddy charming hallucinating dancing with emma in her wedding dress

we know we’re getting a wedding at the end of the season and

in short, there are a lot, A LOT, of clues pointing to it being captain swan and it’s sinking in and there’s a certain amount of freaking out going on

or wait no i mean

I love my SJA friends! Just finished these to help raise money to help run the groups site. They definatelly are helping me get some portrait practice in for sure 😊 #keelhaulkate #katecarleton #illustration #iainglen #iainglenfanart #commissions #serjorahsarmy #jorahmormont #jacktaylor #fanart #portraits

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