This week on...basically that episode
  • Alicia: I'm a kiss-ass
  • Connie: Yes, you are
  • Lily: F*ck off
  • Fisherman 1: *tries to pull hook out of his head*
  • Fisherman 2: NOBODY EATS MY FISH!
  • Louise: *says one word*
  • Dixie: I F*ckin hate fish
  • Iain: *flirts*
  • Rita: Yhhhh this fish can get the f*ck out my way
  • Big Mac: Poor fish
  • Dylan: Er...that fish is dead
  • Max: I'm grumpy
  • Robyn: Why the f*ck am I getting hit on!?
  • Lofty: *gets shouted at again*
  • Charlie: I can make tea in 8 minutes!
  • Ethan: I can have sex with Alicia in 8 minutes!
  • Caleb: *talks to baby*
  • Matilda: *sleeps*
Shoelaces... Tag with shoelace family too

Hey I don’t know how many will see this as shoelace fandom and BBC casualty tags are being spammed to hell but maybe we all start adding shoelace family as a tag so we can still find each other? I’m guessing it may be a tumblr wide problem and they can hopefully clear it up but in the meantime reblog please? 😍 x

In 2 weeks it’s August and casualty will be on a break for the olympics!

For every day I have assigned a character for you to answer 2 questions on, starting on August 1st with none other than the most famous character Charlie Fairhead himself!
Question 1: favourite storyline
Question 2: favourite series/episode/quote
For question 2 you can answer all or just one of the options!

Please reblog this and spread the word! Join in if you would like! It’s open to all!

Any questions or queries please feel free to message me and I’ll be happy to answer them!

Milly XxX