Every eye turned skyward. A warm wind brushed Dany’s cheeks, and above the beating of her heart she heard the sound of wings. …  Ever the largest of her three, in the wild Drogon had grown larger still. His wings stretched twenty feet from tip to tip, black as jet. He flapped them once as he swept back above the sands, and the sound was like a clap of thunder. … Drogon roared. The sound filled the pit.


Yesterday some friends and I went to Seville to try to see the Game of Thrones cast and it went better than expected. We spent hours and hours waiting for them and really thought we wouldn’t get the chance to meet them or give them something to sign (just like what happened when Emilia Clarke, Nathalie Emmanuel and Michiel Huisman arrived), but Iain Glen was an absolute sweetheart and signed some pics. He looked tired, but yeah, he was really nice. We also saw Peter Dinklage (I genuinely thought I was dreaming, lol) and he stopped to say hello (in spanish, yeah, SOOOOO CUTE) but he did not sign anything to anyone ¬¬ (but meehhh, I forgive him because he’s lovely anyway). 2 out of 5… not bad.