You Embarrass Yourself In Front Of Him


You and Ashton were outside of the place 5sos were performing tonight. Fans were crowded around the fence and parking garage where the buses were parked. Ashton had a soccer ball out and was kicking it around with you. You wanted to impress him and the fans so you thought out a plan to do so. You planned to kick it off your knee to your head and then jump in the air and kick it. You felt confident as Ashton kicked the ball to you. You immediately hit it off your knee and excecuted your plan. It was all going perfectly until it got to the actual kick. You jumped in the air and completely missed the ball, not to mention you landed right on your face. “Oh my god. Babe are you okay?” Ashton asked through giggles as he ran over to you. you nod, extremely embarassed. The crowd of fans were laughing their asses off, only a few of them yelling to ask if you’re okay. “That was so embarassing,” you say to Ash as you stand up and dust your butt off. “It was pretty cool at the beginning,” Ashton says, trying to make you feel better.


You and Calum were bored one day, so being the silly girl you are, you suggested playing Just Dance. You always loved playing the game, so why not play it with Cal? “Blurred Lines! Pick Blurred Lines!” You yell at Calum while he’s scrolling through songs. He laughs, “Whatever you say, babe.” He selects the song and you guys begin to dance. You get very into the song, and add a bunch of feet movement. You couldn’t dance one bit, but that didn’t stop you from breaking it down during this game. Once the song was over, you see that your score was 100 more than Calum’s. “Hell yeah! How does it feel to lose? Woooo!” You yell, still in the rush of the game. Calum just sits on the couch, laughing extremely hard. “Y/n, you are seriously the funniest dancer ever,” Calum says between his laughter. You suddenly feel incredibly embarrassed and your cheeks flush to a pink color. “Please dance more!” Calum yells as you begin to laugh along with him, forgetting your embarrassment. You pick another song and start crazily dancing again.


You have the tendency of being very clumsy, especially when you’re nervous. Today, you and Luke were going for a walk around a new city. Only a few fans have seen you, so it wasn’t very much of a big deal. However, eventually a swarm of beautiful girls were following you two. Your anxiety was through the roof and you were feeling very jumpy. You guys eventually stopped for Luke to take pictures with them. A couple of girls came up to you, wanted to get information about how Luke is as a boyfriend. “You’re seriously so lucky you have him!” “What’s he like in bed??” “What’s it like to kiss him?” A big swarm of questions and comments were being thrown at you. You wanted to seem cool for them while you answered their questions, so you leaned back. You rested your hand on a bike that was parked behind you and leaned back, which resulted in the bike falling over along with you. You blush like mad as the girls and Luke laugh at you. Luke sticks his hand out to help you up. You laugh it off as you guys say goodbye to the fans. “That was so embarrassing,” you say as you guys walk back to the hotel. Luke simply laughs and kisses you on the cheek.


You and Michael were taking a nice drive. He had the day off, so you guys decided to spend it driving around the countryside. It was very calm and collected. That was until Pompeii by Bastille came on the radio; also known as your favorite song ever. “Oh my God, Michael, turn it up!” You yell while you roll all of the windows down. You begin singing the lyrics as loud as you can, not caring about who can hear. “BUT IF YOU CLOSE YOUR EYES, DOES IT ALMOST FEEL LIKE NOTHINGS CHANGED AT ALL!!!” You sing loudly until the song comes to an end. Once it does, you clap your hands and laugh. You look over at Michael who is staring at you with wide eyes. “Jesus, y/n. I didn’t know you had that in you.” You just laugh, knowing that you made a huge fool out of yourself in front of him. “I like seeing you like that,” Michael adds with a smile. “Thanks babe,” you say. Soon, you guys are both singing every song as loud as you can down the vacant road. 


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#1— You love him but he has a girlfriend 

Calum Hood —

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Luke Hemmings 


Ashton Irwin


Michael Clifford


#2— He’s never with you

Luke Hemmings —

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Alternate Ending

#3— You’re best friends and he gets jealous when a member of 1D flirts with you

Luke Hemmings—


Michael Clifford


Ashton Irwin

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Calum Hood


#4— You break his guitar

Michael Clifford—


Calum Hood—


#5— Cheats on you

Harry Styles—

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#6— Switched Bodies // Luke Hemmings

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#7— He finds out you self harm // Ashton Irwin


#8— You’re Calum’s little sister, and secretly dating Luke behind his back.


#9— Becoming his girlfriend // Ashton Irwin (PERSONAL)


#10— Song Preferences

Close As Strangers 4/4

#11— Finding out he doesnt like you

Calum Hood—


#12— Valentines Day // Luke Hemmings


#13— You were a bet

Luke Hemmings—

Part 1

Part 2

Rags vs Riches - Calum

Words: 1572
Rating: U
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By: Ella
AN: Please bare in mind this was spur of the moment, I have no clue how this is going to pan out nor do I know if it’s good so some feedback would be awesome. Thanks:]

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You pierce the pile of lettuce piled up forcefully.  Your head is down, and your hair drapes across the napkins. There, sat across the table was your best friend, (y/f/n) and the man of YOUR dreams, hand in hand. Their eyes, fixated on one anothers and lips, wet from kisses.

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Dancing With The Devil


"what the hell was that?!!" you ask freaking out

"i dont know! we should of never came here we shouldn’t have come!!" y/f screams trying to make your way to the door holding her tight 

"its Halloween i heard he’s here! im going to see him!" you augured back as she wines

"no im leaving!"

 ”fine leave i dont need you here im not scared!” you walked towards the old stairs just examining them as your friend runs out. You where now alone, but you weren’t scared. You went up the old wooden creecky stair. you look up and see a rope hanging from the ceiling, you pulled it down and a flight of stairs came crashing down leading to the attic.

"fucking hell!" you said to yourself startled. you go up the stairs into the attic and start looking around

"who are you" you heard deep raspy voice. scared you turned around trying to find where the voice was coming from

"y-y/n….y/n y-y/l/n"

"i can hear the fear in your voice" the man said barely visible. you couldn’t make out what he looked like but you can tell there was a body standing in the corner

"im not scared.." you spoke, your voice cracking.

"why are you here?"

”..i came to find you” you responded.he started moving closer, eyes oe visible. bloodshot red but you could see the hazel green sparking in the moonlight

"you shouldn’t be here miss. haven’t you heard the stories of what happened in this house?" he asked keeping his distance. about five years ago, a family moved into this house. A Month later they where found dead. everyone said the oldest son poisoned his family out of anger. but there wasn’t enough evidence to conform it

”..i do” you spoke remembering all the stories. you where in a dark attic, where the family was found dead, standing with only a few feet away with the person who everyone claims killed them..

Fame Chapter Fourteen (Luke Hemmings)

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten

Chapter Eleven

Chapter Twelve

Chapter Thirteen

We were out on the balcony perfecting all the little bits and pieces when we started to hear screaming from below us

"I swear they’re going to be future FBI agents one day," Ashton commented looking at the fans from over the balcony

We waved to all of them before finally finishing up and going down for breakfast

"We should play the song tonight," Calum blurted out before taking a bite of his pancake

"We just wrote it today Cal no one has even heard it yet. It could suck ass for all we know," Ashton reasoned

"Well some people have heard it," I shrugged

"Who?" Ashton asked

"The fans," I replied

"We’re like seven stories up they couldn’t have heard us from all the way down there," Michael said

"You wanna bet?" Luke asked scrolling through his phone before placing it down in front of us

"@okaycth: just heard @5sos and @Josiecastano singing together I’m screaming the song sounds fucking amazing!!!!!"


"Well shit," Ashton breathed

"So?" Calum asked again

"It could still suck ass mate," Ashton said

"Then why don’t we test it out?" Luke suggested

"Test it out?" Michael asked

"Impromptu acoustic outside?" I smiled catching onto what he was saying

"Yes! We’re doing it. It’s settled all of you are overruled," Calum said pumped to play a new song

"Do we like tell the hotel or tweet it out?" Ashton asked

"A surprise is a surprise Ash, that’s what’s so great about it," I said scruffing up his hair

We came up with a plan so that our little surprise acoustic would go along smoothly and no one would get hurt. Hopefully it won’t get too crazy there.

The guys got their instruments and I decided to go out first to get people to calm down. Once I walked out I heard the screaming consume me

"Shhhhhhhhh!" I said waving my hands to get their attention

Their noises seemed to lower a bit and I was able to get some words out 

"I’m going to need all of you to take a few steps back for me please!" I said hopefully getting things under control. Thankfully, they listened and made a half circle around the opening of the hotel giving me some breathing room

"So I know some of you were able to hear the song we were playing out on the balcony this morning!" I said earning some whispers and little cheers from the crowd

"But Mr. Irwin here has been feeling a little unsure about the song," I continued

"Luke has showed us some of your tweets abut the song, so we decided to have a little acoustic to prove Ash wrong," I smiled hearing the screams rise again

"But before the guys come out we need all of you to settle down so we don’t get this shut down okay?" I asked them receiving silent nods all around

I was facing the crowd as they began whisper yelling and jumping around

“‘Mr. Irwin’ what’s with the title Jojo?” I heard Ashton ask from behind me

"It went well with the moment Irwin don’t ask," I laughed stepping back to stand along with them

"Hey guys," Luke smiled waving at them

"So we don’t know if we’re allowed to do this but fuck it," Michael said

"Language mate!" Ashton said pretending to sound offended as he set his cajon down to sit on it

"We need your opinion on this new song and we hope you like it!" Calum smiled

"We haven’t figured out a title for this one yet, but here we go," Luke announced before Ashton began the count down

(We’ll Be A Dream by We The Kings Ft. Demi Lovato)

"Do you remember the nights
We’d stay up just laughing
Smiling for hours
At anything
Remember the nights
We drove around crazy in love

When the lights go out
We’ll be safe and sound
We’ll take control of the world
Like it’s all we have to hold on to
And we’ll be a dream

Do you remember the nights
We made our way dreaming
Hoping of being
Someone big
We were so young then
We were too crazy
In love

When the lights go out
We’ll be safe and sound
We’ll take control of the world
Like it’s all we have to hold on to
And we’ll be a dream

Whoa whoa
Whoa whoa
Whoa whoa

When the lights go out
We’ll be safe and sound
We’ll take control of the world
Like it’s all we have to hold on to
And we’ll be

When the lights go out
We’ll be safe and sound
We’ll take control of the world
Like it’s all we have to hold on to
And we’ll be a dream”

Not gonna lie, I got a little watery near the end of the song because it made so happy seeing the smiles on their faces and how much emotion all of us put into the song. Luke saw me and wrapped his arm around me as if to say that it was okay and he felt the same way. I let out a small laugh into his chest and he wiped away the tears at the corners of my eyes

We heard a loud awww coming from the crowd and I almost forget we were in public right there

"Get a room," Calum groaned nudging Luke into me and making the fans laugh

"So how was the song everybody?!" Michael asked the crowd

There were about 50 people there and the amount of noise they made was incredible, but unfortunately we had to remind them to be quiet so we wouldn’t cause any more commotion

"Alright okay Mr. Irwin has been proven wrong," Ashton said referring to my name for him

"Who’s going to the concert tonight?" Luke asked the fans still having his arm around me

They responded with hands in the air to keep their screams silent 

"Maybe you guys will see this one show up on stage with us pretty soon," Luke smiled pulling me closer to him

"Just maybe though," I teased 

We started hearing deep voices yelling from behind the crowd and flashing lights hitting all of us. It was the papparazi. 

They were pushing the girls in front of us to get better photos and thats what set the guys off

"Hey stop pushing them!" Ashton yelled at them

"Watch out mate you’re going to hurt her!" Michael yelled at one of the photograpers

The crowd began to grow restless and began moving into to us as the paps got closer

"Don’t be a fucking dick dude!" I began yelling at them too

Luke had to physically hold my arm back to keep me from confronting them

That’s when I felt like everything stopped. I saw one of the grown ass men pull his arm forward and swing it back which gave the girl behind him a strong elbow in the face. I didn’t know if he did it on purpose to get better pictures or if it was a freak accident but frankly I didn’t care. All that mattered was that she was okay. I saw her land on the floor and I wriggled out of Luke’s grip to reach her. The fans made an opening for me to walk through and she was on the floor holding her face in her hand as two of her friends were trying to help her up

"Jesus are you okay?" I asked her kneeling down to speak to her

She looked at me wide eyed and I saw her nose start to bleed. SHe couldn’t even speak but I just needed to know she was alright

"I’m sorry the paps can be such assholes, the photos aren’t worth it. We never meant for you or anyone to get hurt," I apologized holding my hand out to help her out. She took it still looking like she was in shock and I looked at her two friends who had the same expression held on their faces

"You guys wanna make sure she’s alright? We can take care of her inside," I asked them

"Ye-yeah," One of her friends stuttered

"Okay c’mon," I said still holding on to her hand and leading them inside the hotel 

"I’m so sorry guys we really wish we could’ve stayed out for longer but we don’t want anymore of you guys getting hurt," Calum apologized to the crowd before all four of them followed behind us back inside

Liam imagine – Waking up in his hotel room (Part 1)

-Your POV-

Today Nadine, Emily and I had decided to spend the day together and, like always, the main topic is boys, boys and again, boys.

“Kyle and I are so happy together.” Emily exclaims.

“Not as happy as me and James.” Nadine quickly challenges.

Since I’m the only one of us three who doesn’t have a boyfriend, I start to feel a bit awkward.

“You know, you should really get a boyfriend. It’s been almost two years since you and Jason broke up.” Nadine says, poking my shoulder.

I just roll my eyes at Nadine, keeping quiet.

“You know, Nadine is right. You really should get a boyfriend.” Emily tells me.

“I don’t need a boyfriend right now.” I say, hoping this conversation will come to an end.

“Whatever.” Nadine and Emily say in unison.

 We all start laughing, causing the people around us to stare.

“Gosh, haven’t you ever seen girls laughing before?” Emily shouts to all the people staring at us.

I playfully slap her.

Where did I find these idiots?

“I should head home, it’s getting late.” Nadine says.

“Me too.” Emily says, motioning us into a group hug.

“Ok, be safe.” I say, hugging them both.

“Bye” They both say.

We all turn around, walking in different directions.

I feel my phone buzz inside my pocket.

Niall Horan just tweeted : ‘relaxing at the park with the boys’.

Why didn’t he tweet which park? Damnit!

I decide to tweet something back to him : “@NaillOfficial have fun.”

Short but sweet.

I’m a huge fan. They are on tour now, and tomorrow night is the show here, but I couldn’t afford it, so I’m not going. I just have my fingers crossed that I walk into them or something.

I start scrolling down, checking all the other tweets, not seeing the car door swing open before me.

Soon all I see is everything going black.

-Liam’s POV-

As I opened my door when we arrived at the park, I realized the door hit someone.

I try to wake her, but she’s out like a candle.

I carefully pick her up bridal style, and put her in the back seat, trying to look as casual as possible. She might need medical help or something and there is no way I’m just letting her lay there.

I drive to the nearest hospital and just as I am about to step out, I noticed a mob.

How did they find me?

I guess its time for plan B, take her to my hotel room.

I drive as fast as I can to get to the hotel, luckily no fans are allowed inside the hotel. I carefully pick her up and I carry her to my room where I put her on my bed. I rush to the kitchen to get the ice pack; I place it on her head and start talking to her, hoping she will wake up soon.

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Not sure if this has been requested yet, but basically everything with Lydia x Parrish please?

drawn to you by lostmemoria

There’s exactly one week until Lydia’s eighteenth birthday and Jordan is unbelievably flustered.
And Lydia just makes it even worse.

my hero by punkhale

Parrish stopped and looked down at her, eyes widening a bit. They were such pretty eyes, such a bright green. She could stare at them all night.
She blinked, trying to refocus herself. “Hello deputy,” she said, her voice a bit scratchy.

I’ll Keep You Company by hazelNuts

College!au where Lydia is so busy studying that she misses the fact that it’s Valentine’s Day. And that the cute guy working at the library is asking her out

Irreplaceable by martinward

The friendship between Lydia and Jordan grows stronger day by day but for Jordan, it begins to be more than just a friendship. How will Lydia react?

Thriller Films

I feel that the film that will influecne my work within the genre of thriller is Lights Out, the first movie clip tat we watched. I personally am not a fan of scary films, and I steer clear from any horror/thriller films that I can because my imagination is too wild to be fed with scary creatures, to the point where I will iagine them in my own life and in my own house later on, most probably when its dark, and this really scares me. I find that knifes, guns and zombies don’t really scare because I know it wouldn’t happen, so something that is more realistic or paranormal, is most likely to scare me more. Therefore I feel this is why I found the first film scarier personally, than Jurassic Park for example, because Lights out is about mysterious noises but when the character looks, there is nothing there. Its using the fear of the unknown to captivate not only the character, but the audience, leaving them wondering what it is. The audience is also captures within the camera angle to, because something I noticed in all the examples is that close ups are repeatedly used, rather than having wide angle shots of the room, so the audience doesn’t know what’s behind, leaving them on edge and expecting something the suddenly happen. 

i was showing my Boy things liek bad dragon dildos and now i can only iagine whats going to show up in the ads now bc of that