Shhhhh nobody tell @figmentforms and @growingupgerudo that I love their ‘Dorfs ;)

One thing I’d have to say though is that if their portrayals are accurate, by the time BotW rolls around probably 90% of Gerudos owe their heritage to Ganondorf and I think that’s hilarious

*cough* anyway

LWA Fandom: loosing their shit over Diana destined to be a huge ass majestic tree, and Akko some kind of shrub when they kick the bucket.

Me: listen here you lil heretics

1. She might not leave a bush or even a shrub lying around when she dies, but you can bet Professor Chariot is going to make it her personal fucking mission to crawl over to whatever spot Akko decides to die on and plant herself there when she decides to die. Same goes for Diana.

2. The shiny rod probably wouldn’t let it’s one true wielder to become one with Yygdrasil without leaving a lasting mark on the Earth. It was there when Akko’s life as a witch began. It’s only fitting that it be there when it ends as well. -And we all know the amazing things Claimh Solias likes to transform into.

3. Akko would probably be the biggest fucking tree out of everyone. She’s got the most dokidoki no waku waku believing ❤ and therefore the biggest magic. You can pry this out of my cold dead hands.

Idols As Goddesses Series

↳ BoA as Gaia

In Greek mythology, Gaia, also spelled Gaea, is the personification of the Earth and one of the Greek primordial deities. Gaia is the ancestral mother of all life: the primal Mother Earth goddess. She is the immediate parent of Uranus, from whose sexual union she bore the Titans (themselves parents of many of the Olympian gods) and the Giants, and of Pontus, from whose union she bore the primordial sea gods.


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Idols As Goddesses Series

↳ Hara as Poseidon

Poseidon was one of the Twelve Olympians in ancient Greek religion and myth and was the second son of titans Cronus and Rhea. He was god of the Sea and other waters; of earthquakes; and of horses. Poseidon was protector of seafarers, and of many Hellenic cities and colonies. In his benign aspect, Poseidon was seen as creating new islands and offering calm seas. When offended or ignored, he supposedly struck the ground with his trident and caused chaotic springs, earthquakes, drownings and shipwrecks.

  • minghao is the type to not beat around the bush ever
  • so when he asks you out he’s really straightforward about it he just makes reservations at his favorite restaurant and asks if you’re free this weekend to grab a bite with him and when you say yes you’re like wait- is this a date??? and he’s like yes (-: yes it is (-: 
  • that’s how you end up on a cute date with minghao at his favorite chinese restaurant near the dorm and he even offers to feed you with his chopsticks and you’re a blushing mess while he’s just smiling sweetly at you like god minghao can’t you at least pretend to be nervous,,, 
  • your relationship is more like you + minghao + food 
  • you two adventure all over seoul to find the best street food, best bakeries, best snack shops - basically you two are always eating something while also holding hands and just being cute
  • minghao always does the thing where he leans over to wipe crumbs from the corner of your mouth with his thumb 
  • sometimes when he has crumbs you do it too, but once you kissed the crumb away and minghao just opened his mouth in shock like oh MY GOD and you were like don’t look at me that was embarrassing I’m s o rr y and everyone around you two was just like omg what a cute embarrassed young couple 
  • after that tho minghao started using his lips to clean the crumbs from your cheeks too and honestly when the members see him do that they’re joking like ‘ew’ but honestly they’re just sad n jealous 
  • jun once tried to convince minghao to use cheesy pickup lines on you in order to see your reaction
  • but even naive minghao was like “seriously? ‘did you fall from heaven?’ jun even I know that sucks…”
  • of course it’s not always ‘out to eat’ dates,, he also likes going to places like the museum and other historical sites with you to learn more about the culture of korea 
  • of course he misses china a lot and loves talking about it when you ask him! you two watch a lot of chinese movies and dramas when you’re having lazy dates at home and if the subtitles are bad it’s ok,,,minghao will explain 
  • for cuddling minghao likes it when you sit in his lap so he can rest his chin on your head and sling his arms over you. 
  • he has a very long body so it’s perfect for covering all of you in a very warm embrace hehe he likes it when you run your fingers up and down his arm too
  • if you lean your head back and kiss his chin or something like that, it’ll make him laugh
  • he’s still pretty young so his kisses would be hesitant and a little short
  • he’d never do anything brash or teasing because he doesn’t know if you’d like it so his kisses would stay on your mouth and maybe one or two on your neck 
  • but other than that he’d like to have his arms around your waist and would like it if he was the one to lean in and initiate the kiss 
  • sometimes when you two are walking together you’ll see a cute puppy or something and minghao will be like “in the future let’s get one!” and you’re like ,,,the future,,,omg,,,,like marr,,iage!!!!!??? and your blushing will just confuse him tbh but it’d be cute
  • calles you ‘baobei’ and all the other members are like thATS SO CUTE
  • s.coups like sniffling into his sleeve like minghao has grown up,,, and you’re like rolling your eyes honestly
  • when he has long and tiring dance practices he sends you an apology message like ‘sorry i won’t be able to facetime you tonight,,, i love you!! talk to you soon!!’ and you’re ofc like omg don’t apologize everytime but it’s cute u know 
  • he always insists on teaching you some part of the dance right like even if you’re like omg no i can’t dance he just pulls you up and all the members cheer you on and you’re like minghao i -
  • but he just easily moves you and guides you and before you know it you’re having fun and everyone is joining in and you’re just dancing with your boyfriend and it just brings a smile to your face 
  • once you brought over a bunch of water and towels and snacks to their practice and ofc everyone runs over to greet you and get some food and minghao just runs over to you and tackles you in a hug and you’re like minghao you’re all sweaty please,,, and he’s like “how are you so great to bring this all over???” and you’re like it’s nothing - go eat a snack i know you’re tired!!
  • because you take care of him so well minghao is always insisting to take care of you too he’s always making sure you’re eating right and getting enough sleep
  • once you had stayed up super late to get some work done and he snuck out to your place and you were like mINGHAO and he was like “I’m here to make sure you go to bed so shut your laptop-”
  • if he finds out you’re not eating then omg he drags you out the next day for a big meal on him and he won’t take no as an answer 
  • you used to be scared of meeting his parents, especially his mother, but minghao assures you that he’s only said good things and once you two are able to go to china to see her, he’s one hundred percent sure she’ll love you!!
  • whenever he b-boys and everyone’s clapping and chatting about how amazing he is you’re just nodding proudly because honestly you know how hardworking he is and it makes you so proud
  • but minghao is also super proud of you omg all of your accomplishments, even the smallest things, he remembers and always reminds you that you too are trying your best!!! 
  • minghao usually never gets upset, but when he does it really shows. like his shoulder slope and he looks tired and when that happens you take it upon yourself to make him happy again and you always sense what’s wrong and offer to do whatever you can to help and honestly you just being beside him helps him a lot
  • once he just pulled you close and nuzzled his head into your shoulder and stayed there for an hour and that was all he needed to calm down
  • it’s the same when you’re upset tbh, minghao just gives you his best sweater and is like “put it on and come here and cuddle with me while telling me what’s wrong” best boyfriend award here really
  • he tried to teach you how to do a handstand and he was holding your ankles to keep you steady but you kept laughing because it was ticklish and long story short you ended up falling over and minghao couldn’t stop saying ‘I’m sorry’
  • once you wore something short and when you reached up to get something it showed a peek of your stomach and jun elbowed minghao like hey bro but minghao thought he was asking him to go help you he’s just a clueless kid honestly it’s the cUTESt
  • he just wants to make sure you’re not hungry or cold or sick and he wants to hold your hand while you two pet dogs isn’t that the ideal tbh.. 

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Idols As Goddesses Series

↳ IU as Artemis

often described as the daughter of Zeus and Leto, and the twin sister of Apollo. She was the Hellenic goddess of the hunt, wild animals, wilderness, childbirth, virginity and protector of young girls, bringing and relieving disease in women; she often was depicted as a huntress carrying a bow and arrows. The deer and the cypress were sacred to her.

Ash: Part Two


Age Eight

Ash was sent to the war camps to “train” with his Uncle Cassian while Dacia went to spend time with Aunt Feyre. He wanted to stay close to his mother as she was pregnant with his sisters but she firmly told him that she needed some alone time with his father…whatever that meant.

While the Illyrains slept, and his uncle, Ash wandered around the camp. He weaved around tents and past the pits, following his senses to someone hurt. “Hey.”

He sensed the boy look at him, could hear the pounding of the boy’s heart, could smell the boy’s fear. He heard the boy get to his feet and run. Ash clenched his teeth and followed after him.

His hair matted down from the rain as he ran and he was so cold. Thirty minutes of wandering later, Ash finally picked up the clove and cypress scent of the boy. Beofre the boy could run, Ash stalked up to him and grabbed his arm. “If you take off again and I have to wander around looking for you, you are going to regret it.”

Fear flooded the boy’s scent and Ash instantly regretted his words. “Look,” the boy’s voice cracked, “I don’t- I don’t have anything for you to take, okay? I have nothing you could want. You’re too big for my clothes.”

Ash blinked and let go of the boy’s arm. “You think I was going to hurt you? I just wanted to heal your nose!” 

He sensed the boy looking him over, suspicion filling his wavering voice.“What?”

Pursing his lips, Ash sighed sharply and placed his fingers on the bridge of the boy’s nose and poured his healing into it. “That’s it. Follow me and if you run again and I can’t see you, we’re going to have problems, friend.”

The boy’s heart shuddered in his chest. “What do you mean ‘cant see me’?”

He sighed painfully. “I am blind, you moron. I see through the vibrations in the ground.”

The boy went quiet. Ash could imagine the boy studying him, looking for the lie in his words. His scent was charged with pure flight or fight. “Oh,” he whispered finally. “Sorry.”

Ash refrained from rolling his eyes and held out a hand to the boy. A heartbeat later, an impossibly small hand took his and Ash helped him up. “Come on, you are coming with me.”

The boy froze. “Where are we going.”

He sighed, “Just come on.”


Cassian heard his nephew leave the house nearly an hour ago. But he had eyes on him the entire time he really didn’t feel like telling Elain that her son got into a fight and had his shoes taken from him. But he knew his redheaded nephew would put up a fight. He had been practicing throwing punches and finding a person’s weak spots through their vibrations. The kid was a quick study.

Sitting at the table, Cassian took a long drink out of his mug, his feet up on the table, stopping Ash from seeing him wait up. Finally after nursing three cups of coffee, the door opened and Ash stalked through, his hair matted down and ears bright red. He left without his coat? Lovely. His mother was going to murder him and then Nesta was going to murder him again for letting her nephew go without his coat. “Ash,” he barked.

Cassian tipped his head back and laughed at Ash nearly jumping out of his skin. But it cut off as a small boy trailed in after Ash. A boy with hazel-gold eyes and ash-gold ratty hair and a face full of freckles and a body full of bruises. Cassian took note of the boy’s slumped wings, he couldn’t fly. The boy stopped dead in his tracks, his eyes wide with fear and he started stumbling over his words. “Commander. I- I’m sorry, I did- didn’t realize this was your home.”

Cassian kept his eyes on the boy. “Ash, who is this?”

His nephew shrugged fluidly, “Don’t know. I found him with a broken nose and had to spend forever to find him after he ran away before I could heal him.” Ash looked at the boy and then in his direction. “He doesn’t have anywhere to go.”

Memories slammed into Cassian, memories of finding and fighting Rhys and the Night Court Heir bringing him into his home. He looked at the boy, at the boy’s desperate, restless look that he knew all too well. “What’s your name, Kid?”

The boy visibly swallowed and Ash tightened his hold on his hand, stopping him from backing up and running. Despite the fear plain on his face, the boy cut Ash a glare and then looked at him with wide, wide eyes. “B-Baylor, sir.”

Cassian smiled at him and got to his feet. “Well Bay. Let’s get you some soup.”


Okay, this is a rewrite, mostly. I went back and made it better lol. But here you go anyways. Comments are loved and appreciated XO