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Can a person be both/neither an introvert and/nor extrovert? Like, they really don't care either way? People are just... distractions... nice when they are there, but not missed if they are not?

Yes, it is possible. I can’t really go into much detail right now as I don’t know enough about the subject, but I will research it for you and make a post about it.

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Neo-Latin Neologisms: Dromaeomachia

Dromaeomachia, -iae - (f.)Emu War

  • μάχη, μάχης ” - battle + “α, -ίας ” - suffix of abstract nouns
  • – > [ μαχᾱ- ] + [ ιᾱ- ] – stems
  • – > [ μαχ- ] + [ ιᾱ- ] – ending in [ μαχᾱ- ] disappears before starting ι in [ ιᾱ- ]
  • – > [ μαχιᾱ- ] – new stem
  • – > [ δρομαιο- ] + [ μαχιᾱ- ] – with stem of “δρομαῖος ” - emu
    • δρομαῖος ” means ‘running at full speed,’ but it’s used as the genus name for emus, Dromaius
  • – > [ δρομαιομαχιᾱ- ] – new stem implying “emu-war”
  • – > [ dromaeomachiā- ] – Latinized stem
  • = “Dromaeomachia, Dromaeomachiae ” – first-declension feminine
Cheese Dick Means I Love You in Ghost Speak and I Think That's Beautiful

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) as requested <3

Fandom: Danny Phantom

Pairings: Danny Fenton/Vlad Masters (pupil au)

Rating: G (or RG for Really Gay)

Warnings: i hate formatting ghost speak, do you even know the trouble i went through? it was horrible and shame on both tumblr and ao3 for not letting me use cool fonts. Im warning you now that i ended up just keysmashing it

Summary: Danny is absolutely awful at both ghost speak and confessions but Vlad doesnt seem to mind. Based off this comic by dear @promsien 

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Comic Con 2016: Always Keep Fighting

It was subtle. While Bob was answering a question, Jared took the little candle out of his pocket and set it on the table in front of him. And as they left the panel, he held it up for us to see. Just a little, fake, plastic candle. But I teared up as I saw it.

Always Keep Fighting.

Jensen didn’t say anything as he watched his friend place it in front of them. Jared didn’t say anything as he held on to it, tapping it over and over. No one on the panel had to say anything.

Because we knew that little candle was a reminder. To keep moving. To keep living. To keeping fighting each of our ‘demons.’ A reminder to Jared and a reminder to us.

A reminder to love ourselves first. A reminder that we are not alone. A reminder that we are enough.

A reminder to Always Keep Fighting.

We saw you, Jared. Thank you.