Acrylic Photo Prints | An iAcrylic Review

To Purchase:

Visit iAcrylic on the web. If you like what you see, use the code UPROOTED10 at checkout to save some money. If you’ve ever considered acrylic prints, I highly suggest giving them a try! Now, onto the review-


It seems like photographers, like most artists, are always searching for the medium to show their work with the biggest impact. You start out with framed prints, change paper types, frames, different glass to cut down on glare and at some point graduate to canvas. Some people go from big canvas prints to bigger canvas prints. Some even start to print on metal. All these are great (I in fact, love the look of both big canvas and metal), but lately a different print medium has been making itself heard - acrylic. There are several companies out there doing acrylic prints now, and the number is sure to rise. But one small company I came across, iAcrylic, really caught my eye. They’re a small start-up, customer focused and green- all traits of a business that I love to get behind

About iAcrylic:

iAcrylic is a small but quickly growing company based in Western Michigan. Brian Gudas described to me how his company started, and it’s a great story of material re-purposing  “A buddy of mine that runs a laboratory equipment manufacturing business had me over to his shop to do some promotional photography.  While I was there I noticed that his scrap bin was full of thick acrylic and stainless that was (for the most part) headed for the landfill… long story short we started to combine his knowledge of manufacturing with mine of photography and printing to make our premium iAcrylics." 

My Experience:

Excuse the messy living room, but I wanted to give an idea of how vibrant the piece is in its’ surroundings. This photo doesn’t even do it justice though.

Not being one to jump into things, I sent a message through iAcrylic’s Facebook page asking for a little more information on the product. Almost immediately, I received a reply with tons of info from Mr. Gudas. This kind of customer service is almost unheard of, and it never ended. Through every step of selecting the image, ordering and shipping of the finished product, I received correspondence regarding my order. Just a fantastic ordering experience.

I ended up ordering a 24x16” acrylic print, but that is only where it starts. The image was printed on metallic paper, backed with aluminum and sealed against ¾" crystal clear acrylic…and this thing is heavy! When the UPS man brought the box to my door, I was stunned. There is just something great about a product that feels as substantial as this.

The piece (I keep wanting to call it a print, but it really is more of a piece of art) came complete with mounting brackets and spacers to float it off of the wall.I probably won’t mount this piece on my own wall, because I really want to use it as a show piece. I am very confident that when a business or client sees this, they’ll want their final prints to be in this medium as well.

At first, I was a little concerned with the beveled edges. I am just the kind of person that like neat, straight corners. But, when I saw it in person, these edges were the way to go. It just gives the piece a smooth, finished feel.

Probably the coolest thing about these acrylics is how you get a different perspective depending on light, time of day and angle. The crystal clear, thick edges catch light and essentially shoot it through the piece. The metallic paper of the print itself then catches the light and almost appears to turn 3D. I would compare it to viewing standard definition tv vs. HD tv. It’s that impactful.

Every bit of my experience with iAcrylic has been a pleasure. And to top it all off, the price is fantastic. To be honest, I’m not so sure how the cost is what it is…just an absolute value for photographers like us. I will certainly be using them again. And these prints are not just for fine art and lanscapes, portraits and anything else you can think of look fantastic on this medium! I definitely recommend giving them a try.

Visit iAcrylic.net to order, and use the code UPROOTED10 at checkout to save some money on your entire order!